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How much/what kind of cursing can people get away with on SO? [duplicate]

I suggest people answer with a curse word/short phrase and if the votes on it are net positive then it should be acceptable on normal SO.
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What kind of idiot is Richard? - or: Expletives in answers [duplicate]

George Edison and I got in a discussion about my April 30 Rollback to a "NSFW" version of the famous "RichardIsA...." answer to the old "Source code comments" question. While I'm in favour of not ...
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What's the SO policy for swearing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are expletives allowed on SE sites? I've had a number of times when I've wanted to use explicit language in comments (in non-offensive, possibly humorous ways), but I've ...
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Why was my comment edited? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are expletives allowed on SE sites? For four days, my comment here had, after the question mark, something like this: "(To tell him to f**k off might not be appropriate, ...
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Use of WTF in comments [duplicate]

I am new to this site and would like to ask whether "WTF" is acceptable in comments or answers? I found that some users use "WTF" in their comments. Considering the standards and etiquette set by ...
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How do I report unwanted comments that contain offensive words? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are expletives allowed on SE sites? I saw a comment that contained offensive words (e.g., fu**er). How do I report that? Is this acceptable behavior on Stack Overflow?
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What is the policy on profanity on Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

I recently answered a "humour +offtopic" CW question about annoying habits of colleagues with what I thought was a most amusing (and meant to be light-hearted) reply containing the word --redacted--. ...
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what is the policy on good questions with vulgar content? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Are expletives allowed on SE sites? What kind of idiot is Richard? - or: Expletives in answers i would like to know if there is a policy (and i wasnt able to find any) on ...
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The second draft of our Code of Conduct is available for feedback and review

You provided us with some really helpful feedback on our first draft attempt to expand our 'Be nice' policy into a formal code of conduct, and we're extremely grateful for your time, patience and ...
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Proposed new code of conduct for all Stack Exchange sites

UPDATE: We've incorporated lots of the feedback below into what we think is a much better version than the one we proposed originally. Thanks a ton for all the input, and let us know if you like the ...
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Toward a philosophy of Chat

TL;DR: The Problem This keeps happening in chat: Surprise at flags on vulgar messages. Language that would invariably get your comments deleted on the main site occasionally gets flagged and deleted ...
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We are updating our Code of Conduct and we would like your feedback

Update, May 31st, 2023: The updated code of conduct has been released network-wide. A good Code of Conduct is a handshake agreement between users and the company. It is a document that inspires trust ...
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Why do we let hostile users dictate the perception of Stack Overflow? [closed]

This question is a great example of why Stack Overflow is getting a reputation for being a hostile environment these days Possible to convert C# get,set code to C++ This is clearly a developer ...
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Is it acceptable to insult god in a user profile?

Like always I hang around in Stack Overflow's chatrooms. Today, someone posted a link to his new "reloaded" user profile. Along the lines I read in Arabic "god is a pig". So I asked him to remove it: ...
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Ban URL shortening services

Related: Ban LMGTFY links | Shall we spam-flag lmgtfy-links? | URL Shorteners cleanup Ban URL shorting services from being used in questions/answers. I have three major reasons to request this: It's ...
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