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I want to log out of Stack Overflow or any Stack Exchange site, but always it shows me logged in! How do I log out of this site? Note: I have yet to register; the site currently always shows my name ...
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How do I log out of Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do I log out of Stack Overflow?
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How do I log out? [duplicate]

How do I log out of Stack Exchange? I want to register as a new user so that people that know my username can't track me on the Internet. But how do I log out so I can register under a new name?
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Where is the icon to exit the site? [duplicate]

I just signed up. I'm not computer savvy. Where is the sign-out option? I've pressed on icons but I haven't found one that allows me to sign out.
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Say, how do I log out? [duplicate]

I keep getting this thing where it says no matter what I do. So I thought I'd log out. But I can't. What should I do?
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How to log out of Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Is there a way to log out of Stack Exchange? Or does each community have its own log out? I haven't found a way to log out in any of my accounts or the help page.
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How can I log out from my account? [duplicate]

I have an account on and I am able to post questions but I don't know to log out. How can I do that?
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How do I log out from my account?I have a problem logging out of my account because I can't seem to find the log out icon.
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Log out button illogical placement

In the previous version the logout button is under your username, which it can be found by clicking the down arrow. However, in the new version, after a couple minutes of searching, it is under the "...
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Logging out from Stack Exchange does not work [duplicate]

The "log out" functionality of Stack Exchange appears to be broken. You can reproduce this with the following steps: Logging in: Click "log in" on the top bar Click "log in with Stack Exchange" ...
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We are graduating the updated button styling for vote arrows

Update This experiment has been graduated. The new styling for vote arrows is now live across the Stack Exchange network. About a year ago, the Product team, focused on improving the general ...
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