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The time of automatic review bans should be increased with every new ban

The way the current auto-bans for reviews work is rather suboptimal. Somebody who's really after the badges and doesn't care whether they're banned for two days can just continue clicking through, ...
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Allow all reviewers to see deleted posts they reviewed

So moderators just got the ability to provide custom reasons when they ban users from review. Often, these bans are due to specific very bad reviews, like approving spam or non-answers. It will be ...
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Could we make the review-banned-by-a-mod notice say something more descriptive?

Since we got minitech as a mod (yay!), lots of people have been getting review banned (and rightfully so). Many of these people come to Meta to complain/ask about it. When they do, they seem to be ...
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How many failed audits trigger a review suspension?

I failed an audit in the suggested edits queue today. No excuses on my part, it was (in hindsight) an obviously invalid edit and I wasn't paying proper attention. However, what I found odd is that I ...
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Review ban after skipping a review

So I received the following message today after clicking the 'Skip' button on a close vote review because I guess I took too long to vote on it and it said it was already closed when I tried to vote. ...
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I was able to review while blocked!

As the title suggests, I am blocked for 7 days for reviewing the posts! Today when I clicked on the counter for reviews (I don't know the exact name for that), I was able to review the content. I ...
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Return after brief hiatus to find I have a review ban

I didn't visit SO for last 2 days. When I come today and try to access review queue it says You have failed too many recent review audits – looks like you might need a break. Come back on Apr 26 ...
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Learning from the mistakes that led to a review ban

Over the last month or so, I've been making an effort to review Suggested Edits when I get a little time. I've got lots of "Success, that was a test" type responses and I don't recall ever seeing a ...
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"You have failed too many recent review audits" [duplicate]

I know there are a lot of questions about this issue already - but now I have experienced it myself and I am a kind of baffled. I simply don't understand the system. There is no place other than this ...
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I was able to review audits even though I was suspended from doing so [duplicate]

I got review banned for 7 days on March 3rd, 2014. I have the habit to click on Review whenever I am on Stack Overflow's page. Yesterday it was showing me the following regular message You have ...
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