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Why was so much spam blocked on March 28, 2014? [duplicate]

The recent June 25th, 2020 blog article How does spam protection work on Stack Exchange? shows a graph of how much spam SpamRam blocked between March 2 and April 1, 2014. According to that graph, &...
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Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically?

TL;DR: We did it, so... yes. What is this? Charcoal is the organization behind the SmokeDetector bot and other nice things. This bot scans new posts across the entire network for spam posts and ...
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Why no honeypot suggested edits?

While the review audits are great and much needed, as far as I can tell they do not apply for the suggested edits queue. Robo reviewers can still approve crap and smile all the way to their badges. ...
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Why not require a bit of reputation to post Chinese characters?

There has been a lot of spamming with Chinese characters on some sites. However, some sites need to have Chinese characters enabled. We also have people asking to enable Chinese characters on a ...
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Should Stack Exchange have a spam filter? (Does it already and I’m not aware?)

Of course spam posts should be flagged, and if they come up in review, rejected. Over on Mi Yodeya during the past 24 hours I’ve helped delete and reject four spam posts through the review queue, and ...
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Could we have some glazed meat substance early?

We're scheduled to get some genuine spam dumps eventually, which is awesome. But I just figured out how to run Bayesian algorithms in Python, which just happens to be the language our friendly ...
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What mechanisms now exist to deal with malicious guest posters?

There are a number of sites on the SE network who have had apparently recurring, malicious guest posters making low-quality answers and comments, in need of moderator intervention, regularly for some ...
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How to use Stack Exchange without letting Google track me through its reCAPTCHA?

Sometimes Stack Exchange thinks I'm a robot and it asks me to do some reCAPTCHA but the reCAPTCHA doesn't load and I get this in my logs: The resource at “
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How to find posts closed as spam in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE)?

I am looking at the Data Explorer and attempting to get a listing of tags flagged as spam (I'd like to use them to help build a spam identifier eventually, but that is not relevant to this question). ...
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Replace blocking new users from commenting with annoying new users who comment

Okay, I know you've already downvoted this. I did too. That's fine. Please just read a bit more before you close this tab. tl;dr: Instead of requiring 50 rep to add a comment, throw up a modal (with ...
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