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Revisions list in iOS app

I find revisions a really useful way to see full edit history of every post in Stack Exchange. Can we please have it on the iOS app too? It will also let us see original time of the post submission ...
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Sandbox for Android App

Testing the android app effectively will have to include exercising all its features, but I don't want to pollute real sites with test data. Could the alpha test app get access to test sites? You ...
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Open beta testing of the Stack Exchange Android app

As you may or may not be aware, we've done continuous testing of our Android App since before the initial launch. As of around five seconds ago, thanks to new Google Play tools, we are starting open ...
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How about a changelog for the Android App?

As the request for an official changelog has been declined, we could try to create and maintain one ourselves over here on MSO. The changelog would be restricted to fixed bugs and completed feature-...
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Does the section showing the revision date in the Android app have any action associated?

As can be seen in the screenshot, the area showing the revision date glows blue when touched. Does it have any action associated, or is it a dummy button? If nothing is supposed to happen when you tap ...
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Moving from the revision to the post of said revision

On the app, when you click a revision on another post like this, in the main site I could go to the post just clicking the "Return to question/answer", but there seems to be no way to achieve the same ...
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How do I see edit history in the Android app? [duplicate]

Unlike the browser version, when I tap on "edited X minutes ago" in the Android app, nothing happens (instead of sending me to the edit history page). How do I see edit history in the Android app?
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Viewing revisions on mobile [duplicate]

Could this feature be implemented? I don't see what the point of being able to edit, and being able to see that a question has been edited but not be able to see past edits. Or is it supposed to ...
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How to view edit history of a question is Stack Exchange Android App [duplicate]

I have been using Stack Exchange(desktop) for more than 4 years and I know all the options in the website. But now installed the Android App of our SE and viewed a question of Webmaster and I can able ...
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Way to view edit history on app [duplicate]

I was looking for a way to see what was edited in one of my questions on the Android app, but there doesn't seem to be a way of viewing the edit history. Is there a way to fo this and if not can we ...
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I can't see any edit revisions! [duplicate]

Using Android app 1.0.59 The button to see revisions seems to be broken in the Android app. The app does nothing when I click the "Edited " words (which should bring me to a page with revisions). My ...
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About the official Stack Exchange app: Is there a way to view prior edits to a post? [duplicate]

I would really like to view the history of a post, but there doesn't seem to be a button for it. Tapping the gray "Edited" text yields no results.
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A way to see the original question/answer if it was edited on SE app [duplicate]

I often see edited question/answer while surfing around the SE sites on the app on my phone. Sometimes I wish to see the original post but on the app this seems impossible. To do this now I have to ...
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Unable to see edit history of a question by tapping "edited x minutes ago" on Android [duplicate]

On Android se app I am unable to view a post's edit history unless I opt to open the question in the browser. Clicking on the edit field causes the box to flash light blue, but nothing happens.
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