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Stackoverflow q&a print view [duplicate]

Hi Stackoverflowers, I wanted to know if anyones aware if the Stackoverflow team is working on a printable view for the Q&A's. It'd even be cooler to have it output to PDF format for a very nice ...
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how do you print from stackoverflow? [duplicate]

Codeblocks have horizontal scrolling. So, how can I print from StackOverflow to show all code? Is there a way to turn horizontal scrolling off? It's no good for mobility impaired users, anyway, so ...
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A possible bug: The right margin of printed SE content is way too large [duplicate]

I am viewing a Stack Exchange question in Chrome on a Windows machine. If I now click on "Print...", I obtain the following preview: Visually, there appears to be way too much white space to the ...
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Printing Stack Overflow articles [duplicate]

I've noticed on a number of occasions that code displayed on Stack Overflow often requires scrolling in order to view it. While not a big deal when viewing questions and answers, it can be ...
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Stack Overflow portable edition

Stack Overflow is quickly reaching a point where any question that you might want to ask, may already have been asked. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to take this resource with you, even in an offline ...
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CSS bug with printing site pages (now with 100% more suggested fix included!)

So I have to print some Stack Overflow pages and bring them around. Just accept it. Problem: while pages may look perfectly normal on the web, something recently broke the print layout... a huge ...
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Save Question page as PDF / pretty print (annotation-free) - @print media css?

I would like to have a printout of a question with its answers as pdf, clean from annotations at the right, etc. Many websites already provide this "cleaned-up" look for printing/saving as pdf. Is ...
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"download question" feature

Can we have a "download question" feature on SO, which would let you save the whole question thread (as one long page) or maybe just as xml or text or anything. Update: StackPrinter can do that
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Is it possible to copy formatted text from Stack Overflow posts/answers, i.e. colors, fonts, etc.?

I'm attempting to copy and then paste code examples from existing Stack Overflow posts into personal documentation which I often end up using Word to paste into. I find that I often am having to copy ...
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How can I download the chat history?

This question was asked in "Obtaining full chat transcripts", that has one complicated answer. In case of someones are not strong in programming (I am working in Philosophy, Health and etc communities)...
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Shouldn't there be a book published by Stack Exchange containing the archive of best questions with the top answers for a particular site(s)? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is a great place to ask and answer, but at the same time due to its legacy it has grown up with some of the best quality of content expressed in the question-and-answer format. So, ...
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Printing out all my posts [duplicate]

I asked this question on EL&U Meta and it was suggested I post it here. Does anybody know if there is a way that I could print out all of my answers and or questions on E&U or another SE site ...
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