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Can we please see the subject of failed review audits even if the post has been deleted in the meantime? [duplicate]

Yesterday I encountered (and failed) a low quality review audit. I re-read the post, found that I disagreed with the audit result and clicked I Understand to continue reviewing. I opened the review ...
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When temporarily banning someone from reviewing, give access to the misjudged content [duplicate]

Issue: Apparently I got a temporary review ban. It seems like I should have recommended an answer for deletion instead of saying that it looked good. I would like to read again the answer I had ...
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Answer deleted by low quality review queue, for how long I can see other's deleted answer [duplicate]

I was recommended to delete an answer from the low quality review queue on Feb 1. If I visit to my low quality review queue history tab still I can see the deleted answer. As I aware 10K+ users can ...
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Help us identify micro-privileges for top users

Are you familiar with tapas? These are little appetizers invented in Spain that people enjoy while talking and drinking in the cool of the evening. What makes them so great is that you get a ...
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Could we make the review-banned-by-a-mod notice say something more descriptive?

Since we got minitech as a mod (yay!), lots of people have been getting review banned (and rightfully so). Many of these people come to Meta to complain/ask about it. When they do, they seem to be ...
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I was able to review after failing an audit, but later got blocked from reviewing

I might be just me, but it's not the first time this happens. I failed an audit yesterday (can't remember in which category) and I got the Stop, look and listen message. I have no excuse whatsoever ...
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Return after brief hiatus to find I have a review ban

I didn't visit SO for last 2 days. When I come today and try to access review queue it says You have failed too many recent review audits – looks like you might need a break. Come back on Apr 26 ...
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How many review audits did I fail?

I have been looking around for a while now, but I can't see anywhere how many audits I have failed. Is this purposely not being exposed to users? Where can I see some history of the audits I have ...
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Red tags in headings is hurting my eyes

When browsing through Meta, I ran across this post by Shog: ## [meta-tag:status-completed] I thought I was drunk, but immediately denied that guess. So I went on and made a test: It's ...
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"Race condition" prevention not implemented on review audits

Link to the strange behavior: I identified it's a spam and clicked "Recommend Deletion", then hit "Delete", and there was no doubt I was ...
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Ability for users without the moderator tools privilege to see deleted posts they reviewed doesn't work for "Share feedback" reviews

In the review queue history, when you open a review task you performed, you can always see the content of the post, even if that post is now deleted and you don't have the privilege to view deleted ...
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Why can a >1K user not see up and down votes on deleted questions and answers accessible to them from the history of a review queue?

I was recently going through the history of my First Questions and Triage review queues to see how I am doing. I clicked on "Looks OK" of a deleted question which took me to the screen with ...
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