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Suppress Hot Questions containing MathJax markup on non-MathJax sites homepage [duplicate]

The Hot Questions list sometimes includes topics from TeX and mathematics sites. These sites have MathJax enabled to permit users to better ask questions. When a question with such markup in the title ...
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Dollar signs breaks formatting of 'Hot Network Questions' [duplicate]

Related to Dollar Sign corrupts list of questions (may be latex related) and Dollar Sign corrupts question. This question: looks like this in the 'Hot Network Questions' section of e.g. astronomy....
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MathJax rendering in Hot Network Questions sidebar [duplicate]

I've come across this oddity while perusing the Physics stack. The linked question is what is the command [ -s “$NVM_DIR/” ] && . “$NVM_DIR/” doing, being that due to the dollar ...
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Should MathJaX be enabled on the hot questions list? [duplicate]

Currently, when a question that includes MathJaX in the title is on the hot questions list found on the Stack Exchange front page, the raw MathJaX is displayed, and not the nicely formatted math. ...
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On sites with MathJax enabled, 2 $s in question title in sidebar mess up rendering [duplicate]

I encountered this problem while visiting Engineering, which has MathJax enabled. Questions in the hot network questions that have dollar signs in them get rendered as if it was a MathJax encoding. ...
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Tex escapes in Hot Questions sidebar [duplicate]

As seen on Worldbuilding: linked question: How to add overline on top of $\bm B$?
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So I found this in the hot questions list, with a math font. Is that a bug? [duplicate]

The second questions from Board Games appears to be using math fonts in the hot questions. Even weirder, when going to the question, the question title appears normal. The html of the div is below. &...
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$ being interpreted as Latex in "Hot Network Questions" from Latex enabled sites [duplicate]

an image is better than a thousand words: Original title: Should I get $200 for passing "Go" if I then get a card that says "don't collect $200"?
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Hot Network Questions uses LaTeX if title has $ in it [duplicate]

Hot Network Questions renders $USER$ in this AskUbuntu question as LaTeX, when it is viewed in Biology. There is an earlier question which proposes question titles that intentionally have LaTeX are ...
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Site-specific MathJax affects all sites' question titles in front page hot network questions list [duplicate]

I noticed while browsing Worldbuilding's front page that the hot network questions list seems to use Mathjax globally for question titles, even when the site the question is from doesn't use Mathjax, ...
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Which Stack Exchange sites use MathJax?

As the title says, I could use an exhaustive list of all Stack Exchange sites that use MathJax. If the list included any site-specific customizations made to the MathJax configuration on each site, ...
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Unreadable LaTeX in hot questions

At the moment, one of the questions in the "hot questions" tab of the StackExchange global inbox is this one from Math.SE. Its title appears as Prove Inequality $\frac{\left(1-\alpha\right)\...
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Syntax highlighting language request: Python REPL

Highlight.js treats Python REPL (the Python interpreter in interactive mode) as its own language separate from Python—it uses the class names python-repl and pycon. I checked Stack Exchange's ...
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Dollar sign becomes MathJax on top network posts

This is basically the same issue as these (all of them are status-completed at the moment): Dollar sign used as currency renders incorrectly in Android app Dollar signs breaks formatting of 'Hot ...
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MathJax doesn't work on global filtered questions

MathJax works perfectly on Math.SE, MO, etc., but when I see aggregated feed here (example filter), it doesn't work: Is there a way to enable MathJax there?
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