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Spoiler block image and tag and bug [duplicate]

So in markdown the code >! makes a spoiler block. Something like >! Hello gives with a nice fade in/out effect. However, when you insert an image or tag like >! Hello [tag:bug] it does not ...
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Tag formatting doesn't hide with spoiler quotes [duplicate]

The tag doesn't hide:
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Is it a bug when a tag is seen through a concealed spoiler? [duplicate]

I was just looking through pages with dead images, and stumbled upon the darth-vader tag page on Science Fiction and Fantasy. Here's what I saw: Is this just me? Is this a bug, or is it by design? ...
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Tags appear through spoilers [duplicate]

When using tags in spoilers, the tags appear through the spoilers, for example: Which, if you look carefully, also makes the tag text visible. Which, kinda invalidates the point of the spoilers...
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Tag decorations appear in hidden coments [duplicate]

This is pretty self explanatory. Here, a hidden comment: You can see the tag, albeit almost unreadable, depending on your constrast/color settings, even without revealing the text.
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Tags not completely hidden when used in spoilers [duplicate]

Tags like bug are not completely hidden when used in spoilers. It seems not to be browser-related; I checked Safari and Chrome on Mac, and IE on Windows. For future reference, this is how it looked ...
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Tags inside spoilers show [duplicate]

When I was browsing through a stackexchange site recently, I noticed this: As you can see, the tags chemistry and mathematics were showing through the spoiler section. The cause for this is that the ...
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Tag links not hidden by spoilers [duplicate]

Links to tags are not hidden by spoilers: For a start why? I don't see what purpose being able to see the outline of a tag (it is more visible on other sites) when all other pieces of text are hidden....
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Bug rendering spoilers with tags in them [duplicate]

As can be seen in this answer to the secret hats thread, it seems that spoiler and tag markdowns don't play well together - the tag markdown within a spoiler markdown is clearly visible:
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The CSS for spoilers is a mess. Let's fix it!

There's a whole bunch of unfixed issues with the way spoilers are implemented in the Stack Exchange CSS: They don't work for code blocks (at least not on sites using prettify). On older sites, they ...
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<kbd> elements are not hidden in a spoilers block

Recently noticed the following: Is it intentional to have <kbd> text visible inside spoilers markdown? Image for future reference:
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Multiple spoilers don't work too well on Android app

App version: 1.0.31 Device: Nexus 7 Problem: When looking at this question, I visited the other question that was linked, and noticed that spoiler tags didn't work too well when there was more than ...
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