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I know there are some similar posts on adding review queues to the mobile web page. However, this is regarding the Stack Exchange Android app. I really would like to review posts and edits from the ...
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How can I report bugs with or request features for the Stack Exchange mobile apps?

I'm using the official Stack Exchange mobile app for iOS or Android, and My app crashed! It doesn't look good on my new smartphone. It won't run after I updated my device. I noticed another bug. I ...
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Are more mobile app review or moderation features coming? [duplicate]

This is a little bit of a double-question. Is the mobile app for Stack Exchange (in particular for iOS) still being developed? Is there any hope for adding in advanced features for the various review/...
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Please add diamond flag handling to the iOS app [duplicate]

The iOS app is great, but I can't use it to perform diamond functions like handle flags. I would love to have a table view of all the flags on my site, with the buttons we currently have in the normal ...
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Allow mobile users to review posts [duplicate]

I have recently discovered reviewing posts and am working towards the respective badges. However, the majority of the time (even now) I use the mobile app, rather than the desktop. Therefore I was ...
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Reviewing from mobile [duplicate]

I am under the impression that to review frrom mobile one can only go to the full site theme and review from it. Am I right? If so, is there any reason why there is no way of doing this from the app ...
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"Pending edits" in Stack Overflow application (iPhone) [duplicate]

I recently reached 2000 reputation points, which allowed me to see pending edits and approve/refuse them on the Stack Overflow desktop site. But this feature (accessed by clicking the brown ...
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Add Review Queues to iOS app [duplicate]

In line with this question, Add review queues to Android app review queues should be added to the iOS app. Currently, they can only be accessed from a mobile web browser, where the editing and ...
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Cannot review from iPhone app? [duplicate]

I think review is better thing to do than answering questions, when I am on mobile. But I cannot find option for review in my iPhone app. Is it not possible to do review tasks from mobile?
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Enhance the review mechanism on mobile app [duplicate]

Currently it is quiet cumbersome to come to do reviewing on the mobile app. IMHO especially reviewing is something people could / would do in every free minutes they have e.g. due the meeting or ...
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Can I perform reviews from the mobile app? [duplicate]

Went on mobile, I have more free moments here and there – as compared with when I'm at my desk. I could use the time to moderate and perform reviews. Maybe this could be limited to a subset of ...
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