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Allow authors to self-answer their own protected questions even if they don't have enough reputation

I'm asking this question because of Can't answer protected question despite meeting reputation requirement: For the purposes of your reputation "on this site", Stack Exchange has ...
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Why can't I use the Formatting Sandbox? [duplicate]

I tried to post an answer in the Formatting Sandbox I got this: ...but I am able to post a comment in the formatting sandbox ...and I have more than 10 rep on MSE: One needs 10 reputation to post ...
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Notices of protected questions on child metas

I saw this notice on this question on Meta Stack Overflow. I think that "you must have earned at least 10 reputation on this site" is not really true, it should be "you must have earned at least 10 ...
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How can I avoid a question getting protected in middle of writing an answer?

I was in the middle of writing a (in my opinion good and detailed) answer to a question on a Stack Exchange site I hadn't used before. But when I tried to save the answer, it turns out the question ...
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What exactly is threshold for answering protected questions? [duplicate]

This is said in the FAQ Privileges not tied to a specific threshold To answer protected questions, you need to gain 10 reputation on the site – the association bonus does not count. In ...
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Incorrect wording in protected question status [duplicate]

Similar (but different, please read on) questions have been asked dozens of times, so I'll try to be concise about this one. The wording on protected questions "posting an answer now requires 10 ...
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Can't answer my own (old, protected) question [duplicate]

I'm logged in to Physics.SE, I have 73 rep, and yet I noticed I can't answer my own question: Supposedly the reputation requirement is only 10, yet I'm prevented from posting: Since I hardly use ...
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