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For a gold badge user, how to "propose" for closing a question as duplicate without completely closing it? [duplicate]

In earlier times (with/without gold badge), when a user would hit "close" button for a "duplicate" question, it will automatically add a comment and mark a vote for the closing it. With new "gold ...
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How to mark a question as a “maybe-duplicate”, when you don't want to use the dupe hammer? [duplicate]

I have a gold badge on some tag, which apparently lets me decide all by myself that a question is a duplicate of another. However - I don't always want to do that. In fact, I usually want to, at ...
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Dupehammer: don't just automatically close a question, give the Wielder a choice of whether to use Great Power [duplicate]

I just voted to close a question as a duplicate. There were previously no other votes to close. After I voted to close, the question was closed. This puzzled me for a second, and then I realized it ...
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Can tag gold-badge holders take off their golden hat when casting close votes? [duplicate]

It was my understanding that when a tag gold-badge (TGB) holder casts a close vote for dupes, the question gets closed immediately. It doesn't matter in what order a TGB holder casts their vote. I ...
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Add a way for moderators to cast a normal, non binding close/open vote

I think moderators should have the ability to cast a normal, non binding close and open vote like they were a normal user (while of course retaining their ability to cast a binding vote where ...
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Testing three-vote close and reopen on 13 network sites

Test is live! The 13 sites below have their votes to close set at 3. I've also reduced the votes needed for migrations to 2 (down from 3). Almost two years ago I ran a test for single vote closure/...
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Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

In order to increase the efficiency with which poor quality questions are closed, it could make sense to have weighted close votes for a small subset of qualified users. A very good way to measure ...
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Please remind me when I am wielding the dupe hammer

We've already had people ask if they can decline the ability that comes with a gold tag badge to insta-close-as-dupe questions in their tags. I did this by accident today myself. On reflection, I ...
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Let moderators move posts to review queues

I propose that moderators should have a tool that allows us to move posts into review queues. This could be useful, for example, when a borderline on/off topic post comes along and it's better to let ...
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Spamming random mod tools lets me cast an ordinary undelete vote

I was playing around with the mod tools (testing out some bugs and stuff) when I noticed that I'd caused this: This occurred because some combination of mod tools added an undelete vote, marked the ...
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Stop closing Stack Overflow questions

The proper response when you see an old question that should be on Meta Stack Overflow is to flag for migration. Please stop closing these as off-topic, that's not appropriate. Yes, it would be nice ...
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Voluntary Suggested Edit for users with Edit privileges

I would like to be able to make a suggested edit, even though I have the privilege to make an edit without moderation. I don't care about the reputation bonus (you can make that go away for suggested ...
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Allow gold badge users to "propose" duplicates, to give the author a chance to contest the proposed duplicate

Please note: this is not a duplicate of How Do I Opt Out of Privileges?, which asks to give gold tag badge holders the ability to cast normal close votes in case they're not sure of their vote. I ...
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Question regarding edit vs. suggested edit [duplicate]

I know that at 2000 reputation, users receive the editing privilege, meaning they can edit a post directly without going through peer-reviewing. However, users whose reputation is below 2000, can ...
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