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Missing inbox message [duplicate]

I received an email stating that there was a message in my inbox. By the time I read the email, that message was nowhere to be found. Any idea on where this message could be or what happened to it?
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How do comments work?

Across the Stack Exchange network you may leave comments on a question or answer. How do comments work? What are comments for, and when shouldn't I comment? Who can post comments? Who can edit ...
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Treat comments on deleted posts from moderating users like comments from diamond moderators

Comments on deleted posts don't reliably notify the owner of the deleted post about their existence, depending on the exact timing the post owner might never be informed about that comment. There is ...
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Can moderators comment or vote on deleted posts? Can moderators answer deleted questions? [duplicate]

I am only curious, how the general lock on deleted posts interacts with the diamond.
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Stack Exchange Moderator FAQ

As per the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites, this FAQ will serve the following purposes: To be the canonical reference for moderators across the Stack Exchange sites for things that are beyond question (...
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Are users notified when a moderator comments on a post that is deleted?

This is related to How do notifications on deleted posts work? but that question does not actually answer this one... there's a comment requesting information about this on the answer but it received ...
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What do we really want from new users who write dud first answers?

Suppose a new user makes a first stab at writing an answer, but to a more experienced user's eye, his contribution would be more appropriate as a comment. The canned response offered to reviewers is ...
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Deletion notification

I just found out that one of my answers had been deleted 17 days ago. It had 18 up votes and I don't have the rep to see down votes, close votes, or whatever else would have notified me that it was ...
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When a user gets a post deleted by a moderator, does he still get notifications on the comments left on it during his absence? [duplicate]

The real duplicate is: How do notifications on deleted posts work? Say someone joins a site in Stack Exchange and posts an answer. That answer is not good enough, so it gets some comments to finally ...
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Send full comments in email notifications

Because comments can be deleted but emails are permanent (until the receiver decides to delete them), can we have the full comment included in the email notifications, not just the first line. I ...
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Do 10k+ users see the pings if they were already deleted? Do mods see them? [duplicate]

Consider the following scenario: User A writes a comment to User B, or answers the question of User B. This could ping user B, i.e. (s)he would see the comment in his inbox. However, User B is not ...
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