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Choose your own swag - the craziest contest idea ever! What were we thinking?

Contest Has Ended Thanks to everyone for participating. I will be contacting those who participated for shipping details and item verification within the week. Keep a lookout for the email! Tired of ...
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LOL debugging are we? - Stack Overflow homepage alerts false [closed]

Refreshing the Stack Overflow home page is giving me an alert('false');.
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How does Stack Exchange work around the lack of Redis clustering?

I read that Stack Exchange uses Redis for caching and Redis doesn't have clustering support yet. So I was just wondering how Stack exchange works around this lack of an important feature? Does it use ...
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Did all sites just graduate?

Seems like all beta sites just lost the "Beta" status and have increased privilege requirements. I assume this is a bug, what happened here? Did a unicorn ate the wires again? Even though we at Code ...
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I'm not getting reputation notifications

I haven't been getting reputation notifications since recently. (I reloaded several times, closed and reopened my browser, and restarted my computer) New rep is still shown in the profile page ...
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Was the Stack Exchange UPS plugged into itself a joke, or real?

Power issues caused the May 16, 2014 downtime, as stated in Stack Exchange Primary Data Center Offline - May 16th, 2014 What happens when you plug a UPS into itself? , a post for a picture contest, ...
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MSE itself should have a community bulletin

MSE should have it's own Community Bulletin like the rest of the SE sites do. It would basically just be hot questions of the main MSE site, instead of the meta (which doesn't exist here, obviously)......
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Add links to official status pages in the read-only mode status message

When the site is in read-only mode, I get a message like this: This site is currently in read-only mode. Would it be possible to update that message to provide links to these resources on SE's ...
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Using comedic styles or Jokes in Answers

See this answer on Is the Stack Overflow source code available? Quite often, many StackExchange sites do have the occasional comedic style to a well written answers and comments. I have no problems ...
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Official diagrams for Stack Exchange data center setup?

From time to time I've found various diagrams for the datacenter setup of the StackExchange setup in NYC. Are these kept anywhere in an official capacity? Are there more up to date versions than the ...
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Changing the filter in the close vote queue doesn't work when having gotten there through a link

Using a direct link to the close vote with filters, as presented in Allow direct linking to a filtered /review queue... Trying to use "filter" when on that page doesn't work at all. Can we either ...
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