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Huge close votes review queue on Stack Overflow [closed]

Today, the size of the close-votes queue is 55k questions and growing. Is that a problem? Which action could be taken to clean it up? It seems to be growing faster than Stack Overflow members ...
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How can we make First Posts review actually useful?

There's now a feature-request based on this discussion; see: Let's have an explicit triage system for questions from new users I'm about fed up with the First Posts review queue. Oh, it was a ...
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Improving Review Queues - Design overview I: Onboarding and updating workflows

This is one of three project announcements for Improving Review Queues. We’ve summarized the project objectives and goals here. As a reminder, this project is still in the early stages of discovery. ...
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The "I Get It" Reputation Problem

I wrote a question about blocking certain characters in passwords. It became tremendously unpopular, and it seemed like everyone wanted to rain on my parade every day. Eventually, I "got it," agreed ...
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Bill the Lizard's Closing Antics [closed]

Bill the Lizard is the number 1 reviewer when it comes to Close Votes. Now I can only respect the amount of time he's put in to sealing that podium position, however he's doing this in such a way that ...
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Was this a valid edit that I should have approved? [closed]

This edit came up in the queue the other day, which I rejected as I felt it should have been a comment, and I checked, was already a comment by the editor.
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Allow direct linking to a filtered /review queue

I'm really missing the ability to give folks an easily-digestible chunk of the close review to chew on by simply handing them a link to the pending review items in their favorite tag. This was ...
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Skippy Hat: Use Winterbash to encourage Skip

Every now and then, reviewers need to be reminded that they can use Skip during review. There is not really an encouragement to use Skip; it does not increase your review count (nor should it). ...
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Low quality review records say "Looks Good" instead of "Looks OK"

Button in LQ queue has been recently renamed from Looks Good to Looks OK. But review records still say "Looks Good", as in this example: It would be nice to have a consistent wording, "Looks OK" ...
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Allow "Skip" to count towards Steward badge progress

The gamification of the review queues is often fingered as the culprits incentive for hastily completing review tasks. The Steward badge is not currently used as any kind of metric, and from ...
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Am I the first to review questions in close votes review queue because of Marshal badge?

I noticed that I am more than 70% of time the first one to review questions in the close votes review queue (CVRQ) on SO. I don't think it was because of reputation, since there was no good number at ...
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