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Badge icons -- is this a bug? [duplicate]

When looking at the recent achievements drop downs, the icon for badges appears with the graphic for whatever site you're currently on, rather than the graphic for the site you've earned the badge for....
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Is it designed so that same badge have different shapes? [duplicate]

I just got a new badge today on academia site, but the shape of the badge appear in different shapes when I am on different sites. If viewed from Mathematica site, it is triangular shaped however, if ...
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The current Stack Exchange's badge image gets displayed on achievements dialog [duplicate]

The badges we earn are displayed over the achievements dialog (top of screen, leaderboards logo), but if we view them over another Stack Exchange site's page, we get shown THAT Stack Exchange site's ...
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Notifications for badges on other Stack Exchange sites use the wrong badge icon [duplicate]

Minor bug, but if you get a notification for a new badge the icon used for the badge will be the one for the site you are currently on, not the one where the badge was earned. The cause of this is ...
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badges from sister sites rendered with badge graphic from currently visited site [duplicate]

So, I was on and noticed I got a badge from MV.SE, but for some hilarious reason, it rendered as the logo for the rebel alliance. I checked other sites, and sure enough badges in your ...
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Stack Exchange badge sprites pulled from wrong site [duplicate]

I was browsing around on when I got a notification on the StackExchange Banner from Even though the badge was issued for Stack Overflow, the sprite was pulled ...
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Aviation icon showing for non-aviation change in points [duplicate]

This may be a larger issue, as I faced the same thing on; and reported it to the SE meta. I'm not sure if this is a design issue or a caching problem, but today I received a notification ...
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"Recent Achievements": bug with sites that have custom badges icons [duplicate]

Let's take Aviation and Stack Overflow for example. Aviation has custom icons for badges while Stack Overflow doesn't. Today I received a badge on Stack Overflow, but if accessing "Recent Achievements"...
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The yearling badge notification is duplicated [duplicate]

Today I received my yearling badge for Code Review, but the notification was duplicated:
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Badge achievements broken? [duplicate]

I recently got badges for Yearling in ELL and English Stack exchange, and they looked funny. I realized that I was looking at the badges from another site in the achievement dialog. This is what it ...
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Incorrect badge icons? [duplicate]

I was browsing Aviation.SE site when I noticed "+10" on the reputation dialog. I clicked on the achievements icon in the top nav bar to see what I got that rep for. It was for a answer on Stack ...
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Badges in achievements dialog appear as if they came from the current site [duplicate]

Notifications that inform you of a received badge show an image of the badge. This image always appears in the style of the badges from the site you are currently viewing, not the site the badge came ...
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Badges in achievements dropdown should not have custom designs from sites they weren't earned on [duplicate]

I earned a badge on Ask Different. I found out about this via the achievements dropdown while I was hanging out on Science Fiction & Fantasy: The badge in the dropdown is the icon that comes ...
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Top-bar notification drop-down always uses badge icons from current site [duplicate]

I was surprised to see that I earned a Sci-Fi badge on CS: I reproduced this on other sites; the drop-down always uses the icons from current site C, not those from the site E the badge was earned on....
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Badges in achievement drop-down switches based on site [duplicate]

The achievements dialog drop-down in the top bar shows the recent achievements across all sites. Each entry has a site-specific icon next to it, so you know where it's from. Badges, however, seem to ...
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