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Which tags are automatically added to per-site metas? [duplicate]

The four necessary tags (discussion, feature-request, bug, support), plus the various moderator-only tags (featured, faq, status-completed et al), are presumably automatically included as tags on ...
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'Favorite Tags' is now 'Tag Watching'

tl;dr We rolled out some improvements for how you track the topics you are interested in for your favorite Q&A sites. This feature used to be called Favorite Tags. We are renaming it Tag Watching....
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Should We Zap The Low-Occurrence Tags? [closed]

I just looked on SO, and found that there are about 12,880 tags with only a single use. There are 26,250 used less than 10 times. That's just too many for the community to fix. I think we need some ...
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Favorites are now known as Bookmarks

As mentioned previously, we are renaming the Favorites feature to Bookmarks. This allows us to both match how it's currently used more closely and communicate what to expect from it better. Some more ...
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Add a selection of default tags to all metas

Suppose a new user has a question to ask on a new meta site about badges. The meta site is too new to have a badges tag and the user is too new to have enough rep to create tags. It would be useful ...
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Should this site have a tag for "default tags"?

When a new Stack Exchange site is created, some tags are automatically created on its corresponding meta site. (I don't think there are any such tags on the main/regular Stack Exchange site itself.) ...
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Unused meta tags that still persist

I found that some meta sites have tags that actually have not been used for a long time and are not deleted yet. Looks like these are some sort of "special" potential popular tags for ...
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The [interesting-tags] tag should not be a default tag on Meta sites

The tag interesting-tags is one of the default tags which are automatically imported to a local meta when a new site is created. (And cannot be removed, even if they are not used in any questions.) ...
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Change the default tag [bookmarks] to [saves] on per-site metas

As we all now know, Bookmarks have evolved into Saves. However, the list of default tags on per-site metas (tags that get added to per-site metas whenever a new site is created, and always continue to ...
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What is the current process/policy for auto-deletion of single question tags?

In the early days of SE, there was discussion about auto-deleting low-usage tags. The pro argument was that they didn't serve a useful tag function and diluting tag topics made tagging less effective. ...
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Please remove some redundant tags from the list of default tags on child metas

As seen in the answer to What tags exist by default on child metas?, there are some redundant tags in the list of defaults. From the following list, please remove one of each pair: tags or tagging ...
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Remove [openid] as a default tag on per-site metas

OpenID support has been mostly removed for a while now, and is set to be completely removed at the end of October this year. However, the tag openid is still one of the default tags that get added to ...
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The imported tag-info for default tags is ignored in revision history

There are several default tags which are automatically imported to all metas. (See also here.) It seems that some of them have been also imported with the tag-info. By looking at metas of some ...
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Change "http" to "https" in the tag-info imported for the default tags

On every per-site-meta, there are default tags1 which are automatically created when the site is created. At the same time, the tag-info for some of them is created - although there are a few bugs ...
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