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Moderators need an ability to penalize users for seriously bad behavior short of deleting their accounts [duplicate]

There's a certain site I moderate where a very high rep user has become downright abusive to other users of the site and the mods are having to constantly delete content to avoid letting the site turn ...
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Should "move-to-chat" be provided on demand (as a button perhaps)?

When comments get too chatty the move-to-chat feature asks if you'd like to move it out. But this often happens after the fact and thus doesn't prevent it. I propose that: Move-to-chat be provided ...
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Can we get a comments only lock?

Currently moderators have the ability to lock posts, for any of the following reasons: Content dispute (~ edit wars), Historical significance (to prevent great but off topic questions from being ...
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Provide a tool for moderators to migrate comments to chat

One issue we have on Programmers.SE is that people like to have extended discussions in comments on answers and questions. Try as we might to delete long comment chains and educate them about chat (...
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Can we implement temporary automatic comment ban on 'x' number of validated rude comment flags?

There's been problems with abusive comments since the site started. What's with all the rude comments recently? We still haven't managed to conquer the issue. Negative comments drive new users ...
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How can we measure the cost of displaying comments?

As you can see from Jay's answer we have some internal disagreements about how much signal we lose from displaying comments and, more critically, how much hiding that signal would cost. I waved my ...
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"These comments were moved to chat" doesn't discourage further comments; let's be more direct

When a moderator moves comments to chat, the operation adds a comment that says: Comments are not for extended discussion; this conversation has been moved to chat (link). That's good as far as it ...
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Allowing moderator to comment-ban someone

Yesterday, I received a private mod message because I was being chatty in comments and that I should stop doing that. The message was also implying that I did not know how to use comment properly. It ...
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Can the recidivism system be applied to comments?

Posting comments, like posting questions, should be seen as a consumable resource that can in fact be depleted. We should be encouraging users to post questions or answers, not comments. Some ...
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Have I been banned from posting comments?

I have been trying to post my comments at MSE for the past few months since last year without any success. Every time I post a comment, there would be no feedback. Could it be that I have been banned ...
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