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What’s (not) spam? [duplicate]

Somebody asked the following “question”: Clearly this is just a troll post so I (and other users) flagged it as spam. The spam flag was subsequently disputed (which I think simply means that a ...
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Please provide a flag option clearly designed for gibberish, contentless posts [duplicate]

MERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR <3 doingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoingdoing. 9.... YEAH baby. Shash. BOSH. :)) What this post would normally receive on its own is 8 "not an answer" flags,...
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Is this a troll or a bot answering? [duplicate]

This really caught my attention. As you can below this photo, there's user (Maybe a person or maybe bot) answered the question but it is not answer the question. So is this person just a pure troll ...
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Should this have been autodetected as spam? [duplicate]

A few minutes ago, an answer appeared to one of my questions, blatantly not an answer, but somehow it wasn't detected and filtered by SE itself. Also, the user has been posting this on other questions ...
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What kind of flag should I raise when I see garbage? [duplicate]

I am wondering which flag to raise upon catching sight of something like this: Asdfghjkl lkjhgfdsa Spam? It's not promoting anything. Rude or abusive? It's not speaking ill of anything. Not an ...
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Improving the copy in the close modal and post notices – 2023 edition

Since we updated the close modal text and post notices a few years ago, I've known that there are concerns about whether they're sufficiently clear for users and whether they're giving the correct ...
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What are the “spam” and “rude or abusive” (offensive) flags, and how do they work?

When flagging, there are two special case options: spam and rude or abusive. What is spam, and when should I flag content as such? What is considered offensive, rude or abusive content? How does the ...
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What are some deferred, ignored, or sunset projects we wish SE would work on to facilitate the community?

We all have our pet projects - things we wish SE would do but which seem to be forever stuck in the backlog pile. Other times, something that's well received gets forgotten in the shuffle. Inspired by ...
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Let's Remove The Auto Downvote On Validated VLQ Flags (On Questions)

Currently, flagging a post as very low quality causes two things to happen: The post is flagged for moderator review The community user casts a downvote on the post if the flag is validated ...
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Remove VLQ as a flag option

The Very Low Quality flag option sucks. prepares for controversy I'd like to see it removed totally as a flag option. Its original purpose was as a response to contentless or meaningless posts; ...
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Improve help text for the low-quality-posts queue

I was recently very surprised about the expected workflow for low-quality posts when stumbling across the Meta Post Am I reviewing correctly?. It would be nice if the guidelines, as discussed in ...
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How should the "very low quality" flag be used?

On more than one occasion, across different sites of the network, I have raised the "very low quality" flag. Apparently, a few mods (it came out while discussing after the fact) are unaware that this ...
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Has there been an uptick in spam votes against established questions? [closed]

The last few days seem to have seen the resurgence of some old conflicts on Stack Overflow. In particular there have been attempts to delete some old and popular but non-technical questions(*) and a ...
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Flag window redux: proposed syntax

There's been some consternation about the new flagging, but I wanted to focus on the syntax for a moment. I think the current shift doesn't really fix anything and it seems to fall into the same trap ...
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Spam flags and Rude/Abusive flags - Is the difference practical?

As per the FAQ, we know that there are two small differences between spam flags and rude or abusive flags (referred to below as S and R/A, respectively). If a deleted post has at least 1 valid spam ...
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