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Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

Some of you may have noticed that we've been making some changes to the Hot Network Questions on the back end over the last week or so. I'm here announcing our first round of changes to how the HNQ ...
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What formula should be used to determine "hot" questions?

Right now the front page Popular tab is fairly broken -- it's a simple descending sort by views. As Joel said in podcast #18, it is "a self-fulfilling prophecy." But this is not intentional, ...
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We're enabling display ads on select Stack Exchange sites

We knew that the Stack Exchange Network would eventually play a bigger role in contributing to the financial end of our business, but we didn't know how long that would take. Turns out, it was roughly ...
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The bikeshed problem and Stack Exchange

In short, the bikeshed problem: If you go before the Board of Directors and ask for 1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear reactor, no one will review or discuss the details of the plant. ...
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How can I encourage Stack Overflow to rein in the 'subjective' vigilantes? [closed]

I'm on SO pretty much every day researching something to do with programming, and over the last month or two, I find I'm growing frustrated and a little disgusted at how many interesting questions ...
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Prevent questions on the Hot List from being upvoted by casual visitors (only rep is from association bonus)

I have experienced this on a couple of sites (and I'm not the only one): You look through the question list. You see a pretty bad (or at least not-so-good) question heavily upvoted. Or even worse, a ...
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What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

There has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's ...
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The association bonus should not enable users to vote on every site

The number of upvotes for a question is a flawed measure of question quality, one particular issue is that the amount of exposure a question gets matters a lot. Questions that were linked in the hot ...
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Allow moderators or gold tag badge holders to prevent questions from being on the hot network questions (HNQ) list

Sometimes a question that is not representative of a site makes the HNQ list. This can lead to a large bump in traffic on a question the community may not be well equipped to handle. I propose that ...
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Remove question from HNQ if it has close votes

I've seen this a few times in the past few months, where questions that are blatantly off topic are still on the Hot Network Questions list. Great, it has more exposure, and people who are not ...
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2016: a year in closing

A moderator asked me for data on the percentage of questions closed across all sites. This doesn't strike me as information that needs to be restricted to moderators, so for your idle enjoyment I ...
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Hide "not an answer" and "very low quality" flags in the moderator flag queue

At present, when something is flagged as "not an answer" or "very low quality", that flagged post appears alongside all other flags that moderators have to handle. However, a little while ago these ...
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Increase the Hot Network Questions randomness (proposal for testing)

Related: Ease up on the Hot Network Question Randomness. This is a recent change which resulted in a 30% increase in engagement. All of this engagement came from repeated clicks... we do have ...
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Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence)

Executive Summary The 100 questions are selected for the "Hot Network Questions" list displayed in the sidebar of each site. These questions are designed to showcase other sites in the Stack ...
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What changed in the Hot Questions sidebar algorithm?

I've recently noticed that the hot questions list is now different almost every time I look at it. It used to be static - I.e. I could browse around for half an hour and the items on it would be ...
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