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When will I not see questions tagged as ignored anymore? [duplicate]

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Remove faded/ignored-tag questions from results [duplicate]

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Site scope issues where community opinion is divided and there is no consensus?

On SE site XYZ, there is a Meta question asking if questions of type ABC are in scope (the answer is not obvious from existing site policy or help pages). Community is about evenly divided, with ~50% ...
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Temporarily disabling 'Ignore' tags

Due to the way SO loads questions and then hides 'ignored' tags, I will occasionally see a question (for just a split second) that I actually have some interest in. It would be really nice to be able ...
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Hiding Ignored Tags [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I hide posts matching my ignored tags? Is there a way to completely hide questions with ignored tags? Right now they are still visible, just sort of "grayed out." ...
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How do I remove my ignored tags questions from my Stack Overflow homepage? [duplicate]

Hi guys, I know this is not good to do it, but I need to focus on minimum tags in this website as a start , and I can add any tags later on, so my question is: how can I remove ignored tags ...