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Updating the Hot Network Questions List - now with a bit more network and a little less "hotness"!

Some of you may have noticed that we've been making some changes to the Hot Network Questions on the back end over the last week or so. I'm here announcing our first round of changes to how the HNQ ...
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What is the Goal of "Hot Network Questions"?

There has been a tug-of-war in the hot-questions list. Community members like JonW seem to be unhappy with the traffic that it brings to their site: 'But we want to encourage people to post, that's ...
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Don't let questions stick to the top of the hot questions list forever [duplicate]

I've noticed that some very highly upvoted questions stay in the list of hot questions (also displayed in the Stack Exchange menu on the top left) for a very long time, often for several days. One ...
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Now you can know if a question really hit the HNQ

I noticed this new addition. It is now stated in the revision history if a question has made it to the Hot Network Questions, example:
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At smaller sites, penalize hot questions having 3-4 close votes

At smaller sites (up to 50-100 questions a day average) closing a question takes hours or even days. As an example, this SO question has got 5 close votes in 15 minutes, while its twin at Software ...
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The Anatomy of a Hot Question

Here is the traffic since The Workplace was created: These are the three questions that caused those huge spikes in traffic: Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your ...
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Increase the Hot Network Questions randomness (proposal for testing)

Related: Ease up on the Hot Network Question Randomness. This is a recent change which resulted in a 30% increase in engagement. All of this engagement came from repeated clicks... we do have ...
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Please open the Hot Network Questions to auditing via the Data Explorer

One of the contentious issues on today's Stack Exchange is the Hot Network Questions sidebar, which can drive a lot of traffic to junk-food questions that can be very poor fits to the sites that host ...
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Prevent specific sites from being overrepresented in the hot questions list [duplicate]

Some sites appear far more often in the hot questions list than other sites. I don't have any hard data on that, as that kind of data is just not publicly available, but I'm pretty sure my subjective ...
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Which sites appear most often in the Hot Network Questions list?

Is there any data about which Stack Exchange sites have their questions end up in the Hot Network Questions list the most? In particular: What percentage of hot network questions comes from each site?...
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Reorder questions picked for hot list based on adjusted hotness score (discard some answers by voting evidence)

Executive Summary The 100 questions are selected for the "Hot Network Questions" list displayed in the sidebar of each site. These questions are designed to showcase other sites in the Stack ...
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What changed in the Hot Questions sidebar algorithm?

I've recently noticed that the hot questions list is now different almost every time I look at it. It used to be static - I.e. I could browse around for half an hour and the items on it would be ...
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Extend the new Hot Questions sidebar

I really like the new sidebar. With the new top bar eliminating the "Hot Questions" area there, I think this is the perfect place for it. One-click access to time-wasting questions about ...
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How can I get a HOT network questions week digest?

I spend most of my Stack Exchange time in Stack Overflow, where I try to be productive. But there's this little side section with hot questions goodies from all the communities, like so, tempting me ...
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Require reputation earned on the main site to vote on a per-site meta

Upvoting requires 15 reputation, but the association bonus is taken into account, so if you have at least 200 reputation on any site, you can upvote on all sites in the network. This is a bit ...
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