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Orange link that used to be suggested edits is now all review [duplicate]

When I reached 2k reputation points (on Stack Overflow), I got an orange rectangle next to my profile link on the notification bar that links to the suggested edits review page and displays the number ...
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The maddening brown review number in the navbar displays the wrong number [duplicate]

Currently, the review number does not serve to alert me about review tasks I can perform, only that there are review tasks outstanding. I am already aware that this is a known issue, so I am not here ...
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Our Design Vision for Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network

For those who don’t know me, I’m the Director of Design at Stack Overflow. I’m responsible for the team of designers who work on the public sites. The visuals of Stack Overflow and the network sites ...
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How does the review-needed indicator work exactly?

With the rollout of the new top bar, you’ve probably noticed the new review indicator: or It’s possible there will be a different review icon by the time you read this. But this post is just about ...
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Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar [duplicate]

I am under the impression that increased participation in the review queue is, on the whole a good thing. It encourages people to feel an ownership in the community and partially responsible for the ...
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What does the number next to the review link in the top bar actually mean?

What is the actual source of the number displayed next to the review link in the top bar? I found Notification for reviews shows way too many (via Review flag count is still wrong and similar) but, ...
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Reliable count of votes that I've cast today

I often want to know how many votes (upvotes and downvotes) I've cast today, so as to know how far I am from the 40 vote limit. In the old days, this information was easily accessible on each page by ...
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Notification for reviews shows way too many

Since a recent change in notifications, I see more than I should: I see no reason to see 134 posts are awaiting review, when there is literally nothing I can do about them. I think it is a bug, ...
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Modulate the review notification's color to reflect changes, or make it dismissible

Following another feature request that was completed yesterday (Notify users of possible reviews on toolbar), users of several sites have noticed a persistent notification in the top bar for flags ...
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Can / Should the review count indicator be changed to be colour-coded status instead of numerical?

We just had a question posted on UX Meta asking why the review counter displays a misleading and rarely accurate numeric value, so I got my thinking cap on and thought: "Instead of just complaining ...
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My username instead of my Gravatar in the top bar

A minor suggestion, but I actually loved having my username there. This would make icon size issues I've seen others complain about simply... go away. I stole this idea from this locked post.
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Please dim the color of the review task counter when there are no actionable tasks

I am glad to notice that the massively annoying refusal of the 10k flag counter to disappear when I'm not needed has been appropriately dealt with via the extreme decapitation method of simply ...
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Wrong posts number on Review section

Lately it's happening to me this: After completing one or more "First Posts" reviews, I go back to the Review Section main page: And the post counter shows that ...
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What does the review counter indicate when you have the 10k tools? [duplicate]

I have the 10k tools on a site (a private beta, so 1k), and when I got it, the review counter suddenly changed. It went from showing suggested edits to something else much larger. What does this ...
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