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Which language should I use while editing questions? [duplicate]

TLDR While editing questions, is there any problem if I change the spelling of words in American English to British English unknowingly (as suggested by my computer)? The long version I am an ...
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Is it considered good practice to edit region based spellings? [duplicate]

Recently I've noticed that some of my questions/answers on various communities have been edited for reasons such as "spelling mistakes". They've included things such as changing "initialise" to "...
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Does SE standardise [!] on American English or is British English allowed too? [duplicate]

I had a recent edit which "corrected" my spellings to American English. Should I care?
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Why can any user edit any other user's question or answer?

I see an "edit" link after each question and answer. So I was wondering: how come any user can change any other user's question or answer? I think the reason behind it is that each one can share their ...
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How do I correctly tag my questions?

Here are some tips for tagging questions. These guidelines will help you more accurately tag your questions, which in turn will help them get more attention and lead to better answers faster. For ...
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What constitutes acceptable English on Stack Exchange sites?

It's well-established policy that English is required on Stack Exchange sites (language-specific sites aside). That policy led to the question of whether English means UK English or US English. The ...
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How to deal with user using txt spk

Recently, in one of the more niche tags I follow, a new user has cropped up and started answering questions - very well to his credit - but one thing that stands out is his use of shortened "text ...
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What's the deal with retagging from UK English to US English

Hello all, I don't use meta much but find stackoverflow very useful. However I found today that 2 of my questions had been retagged from what is basically UK English to US English. I appreciate ...
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How to edit? Can we agree on an editing 'policy'?

We've been hashing out editing policy here for a long time now. It's pretty optimistic to think that people who are new to editing (let alone to SO/SE) will somehow 'know' how things work. It would be ...
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Notify users when they are mentioned (on meta)

As I have been learning the ropes here on Meta, I have been reading and sometimes participating in discussions similar to this where other users have been mentioned by name and berated or mocked for ...
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Trivial edits: “the internet”

Trivial edits are superficial, especially if it consists of only capitalising a single letter. I'm talking about switching the lowercase “i” with the uppercase in the word internet. This type of edit, ...
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Are smart quotes acceptable in edits?

Obviously editing a post merely to replace ordinary quotes with “ ” or ‘’ would seem to be an unnecessary edit that does not sufficiently improve a post, much like editing a post merely to insert an m-...
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Is there harm in editing grammatical errors? [duplicate]

I love the ease of correcting misspellings, typos, and grammatical errors in SO. Certain errors catch my eye and annoy me - and the wikiness of SO is a great blessing; I don't have to live with the ...
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Is there a geographical pattern to the top rep holders?

Someone asked today about the best time to ask a question (a question that has come up before) and it got me thinking that if there is a best time, then there is probably a particular geographical ...
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Is there a preferred format for numbers on Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

In the US and UK, numbers have a comma separating the thousands and a period separating the decimal portion. The median round-trip time is 1,256,532.65 milliseconds. In much of the EU, as well as ...
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