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Wisely burninating tags [duplicate]

What exactly does a tag need to be up for burnination ? I feel kind of trapped every time I make those requests because of of this problem : Not enough good question with the tag so let's just edit ...
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Why are tags on MSE being regularly removed/deprecated without discussion?

For a while now, on a daily basis, the front page of Meta.SE has been populated with old questions bumped because of retaggings -- mostly removals. Today ignore seems to be the target. As far as I ...
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How do we request to have a tag blocked?

A Stack Exchange site I use has identified a tag that should be blocked, discussed it on Meta and come to an agreement that it should go (our request is here). We and the site moderators understand ...
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Should the [Internet Explorer] tag be removed?

The Stack Exchange Meta has the tag internet-explorer. The description is Questions about site's functionality issues (bugs, incompatibilities, feature requests) in any version of Internet Explorer....
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Are general tag discussion threads ever useful?

I've seen “tag spring cleaning” meta threads on many sites, where people are invited to raise problematic tags, one tag per answer. They usually end up in a mess: after the first few, nobody pays ...
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Burninate the "inappropriate-advertisements" tag

Because we now have the Report this ad feature, I'm requesting that this tag be removed. (That post is not yet marked status-completed, but this comment says it was released network-wide nearly a ...
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Rules around deleting or editing tags [duplicate]

I know we need 1500 points to be able to create tags on Stack Overflow. Now I wonder about the rules around removing or editing tags. Would it need consensus of a certain number of people to ...
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Will a good [job-interview] where I pass all the [interview-questions] help my [career-development]?

We have the following tags here on Meta Stack Exchange: career-development (13 6 4 questions) all gone job-interview (3 1 questions) all gone  interview-questions (0 questions)  all gone ...
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The [tools] tag is too ambiguous. Let's burninate it

The tools tag has 27 questions, and while it does have a tag wiki, it doesn't cover all of the various questions tagged with it. Its most recently posted question was asked 7 years ago. The questions ...
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Do we have incentive to burninate the [incentive] tag?

The incentive tag has 18 questions ATM which aren't much. I can't see any benefit having such a tag, being meta and without any real value. Should we burninate it? If I'll see no compelling reason ...
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