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Graduation, site closure, and a clearer outlook on the health of SE sites

Back in April of 2010, Joel shared our assumptions about the role of small sites in the newly minted Stack Exchange network: If a site does not have enough activity at the end of 90 days, it will be ...
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The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta

The blog post Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta gets linked to prominently from every beta's meta. However, this blog post is somewhat inaccurate and misdirects new users. In almost every ...
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Could we update the "7 essential meta questions" blog post, or not link it prominently in early beta?

Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta lists some key questions that each site needs to decide -- scope, tagging, etc. New sites in private beta (and early in public beta) get a link to this ...
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De-emphasising the beta designation by removing it from the banner on perpetual beta sites

I've lost count of the number of times I have had to reassure people that the site I help to moderate isn't going to just go away. The association between a site being labelled as "Beta" and an ...
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Replace graduation with an incremental process

I mentioned this in TL before, and it got a positive response. It has been discussed internally, but I'd like to see what the commuinty in general thinks about it. Pre-ramble In the past, sites used ...
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Can we set better expectations for private beta?

When an Area 51 proposal makes it to private beta, the site has 2-3 weeks to show viability or be closed instead of advancing to public beta. I agree with that, but I wonder if we're being clear ...
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What is the average length of time new sites are in Public Beta?

I know new sites are in Public Beta for at least 90 days to reach critical mass (says so here). Are there any statistics on how long public beta phases have lasted (for the sites that have gone ...
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What is the minimum length of time a proposed site will be in its beta phase?

When "committing" to a proposed site, I see the following language: I commit . . . to visit at least three times per week, to ask at least three questions during the beta phase, and to answer as many ...
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Isn't it time to consider AUTOMATIC graduation?

Before answering look at the following questions: What is the minimum length of time a proposed site will be in its beta phase? (asked 6 years ago) Let's set better expectations for how long beta ...
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How long does it typically take for a beta site to launch? [duplicate]

A proposal, "Open Source", recently hit the necessary requirements to begin the beta stage. But it does say it takes some time to launch the site. How long does it typically take for a beta site to ...
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