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What should happen with popular 'accepted' answers that just aren't right? [duplicate]

Blatantly wrong accepted answer 4 Answers Like this one for example... How to get image size (height & width) using JavaScript? the answer should just be removed.
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How should we act on accepted questions that are actually wrong? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should be done with accepted, yet wrong, answers? In this particular case the OP accepted an answer that, by all means, was wrong. And when I say "wrong," I don't mean ...
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Wrong answer accepted [duplicate]

Hi This question keeps nagging me. There are two answers, one which is accepted and then mine. And I can help but believe that the accepted answer is simply incorrect. Yet it got far more votes and ...
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When accepted answers are badly wrong [duplicate]

So, looking at the following question: Login failed for user 'IIS APPPOOL\ASP.NET v4.0' The accepted answer is harmful advice and is leading people into misconfiguring their website. Other ...
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Wrong answer is accepted: what to do? [duplicate]

What is my desired action whether I see that totally (well, partially) wrong answer was accepted by question owner as correct? E.g. I see the productivity/readability/you-name-it issues with a ...
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Is there a way to handle incorrect, but highly upvoted answers? [duplicate]

Consider this question: How to download and save a file from Internet using Java? It's a relatively simple question, but the most-upvoted answer (which is accepted) is also wrong. There's a number of ...
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Why do incorrect answers keep getting "accepted"?

Seeing incorrect answers get "accepted" makes me seriously doubt the value of Stack Overflow. For example, this answer about Perl's symbolic references was accepted - but any competent Perl ...
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Blatantly wrong accepted answer

ADO.NET DataRow - check for column existence The accepted answer is factually incorrect; one can simply call row.Table.Columns.Contains(name); What should be done?
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When is it appropriate to edit another user's answer?

I had an incident recently where another user decided my answer was wrong, and simply edited my answer to change it, and commented on the question that it was previously wrong, without any explanation ...
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What happens when an accepted answer is wrong but the OP is gone?

The accepted answer to How can I format as keyboard keys? says that you just need to use the <kbd> tag. This is no longer true, at least on Meta, which is pointed out by another answerer (and ...
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