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How do I search for questions that include tag X, but exclude tag Y? [duplicate]

I want to find questions that include a certain tag but exclude a separate, different tag. For example, suppose I wanted to find and read all questions that include a javascript tag, but I don't even ...
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How do I exclude a tag from a search? [duplicate]

I want to search only Google Maps tags and exclude "Android" I wish to help out in answering googlemaps questions because I work with Google Maps in the Brazilian metro system.
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How do I select multiple tags at Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I combine/exclude multiple tags from a search? How do I select multiple tags to search with? For instance "logging" and "enterprise library"?
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How do I exclude a tag from my "URL bookmark"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How do I combine/exclude multiple tags from a search? I use the following URL to look up Google Maps questions.
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How to search for questions without two specific tags [duplicate]

Imagine there is tag1 and tag2 I would like to get all the results of the search for posts that do not contain any of those two tags. What I have tried: /tagged/-tag1 -tag2 It didn't work.
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Additional search features/syntax?

It would be nice to have more advanced search features, things that Google cannot easily or reliably provide. Some ideas based on "Ability to search my stuff?": [user:dbr] to find my posts (...
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Exclude specific words in search

I've tried using the - (not) symbol in searches on Stack Overflow to reduce the number of irrelevant matches in the results, with no effect. I'm getting really sick of "Whats your favorite ...
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Does it make sense to add tags retroactively?

I was just adding the tag [ng-grid] retroactively to some older Stack Overflow posts, until I noticed all Stack Overflow posts older than April 2013 about ng-grid didn't have that tag... ...
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Search posts/questions only with specific tags

As I understand it, the search box up top searches across all tags. And from browsing, it's straightforward showing all questions within a tag when you click on said tag. I want to know if it's ...
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Tag search doesn't work properly

I am trying to do a search on SO where I include a few tags, and exclude a few: [c#] or [java] or [winforms] -[android] -[android-studio] Link to search The problem is, questions with the tags c#, ...
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Is there a way to filter certain tags? [duplicate]

So when you're looking for questions, you can filter questions based on a certain tag, by simply writing that tag in the search. However, can you do the exact opposite of that, i.e, certain tags ...
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Excluding tags in new navigation [duplicate]

In the old navigation, I could search JavaScript questions while excluding jQuery like this: [javascript] -[jquery] This doesn't work in the new navigation. Could this functionality be added? Here ...
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