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Across the Stack Exchange network you may leave comments on a question or answer. How do comments work? What are comments for, and when shouldn't I comment? Who can post comments? Who can edit ...
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How to highlight comments in stackoverflow [duplicate]

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How can I use syntax highlighting in comments? [duplicate]

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How to create text as a link in the comments? [duplicate]

I want to display my text as a hyperlink in the comments. How can this be achieved?
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How do I format code in comments? [duplicate]

I added a comment to the top answer here, I but couldn't get the code to format correctly. I made sure I was entering the four spaces. The comment was only editable for 5 minutes, and it now appears ...
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Formatting of comments? [duplicate]

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how to post html in a comment [duplicate]

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markdown editing in comments, 5 minutes only and paragraphs [duplicate]

If I answer as an 'answer' I get the good-looking UI to help me do all the things I want, BUT if I am in comments I am helpless. Would it take much resources to have the same same UI to keep sanity in ...
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Text formatting now allowed in comments (List of proven and disproven abilities)

What special formatting tricks can be done in the comments now? Proven: **text** or __text__ = Bolding = text *text* or _text_ = Italics = text `text` = Code Formatting = text [example](http://...
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Can we please have a place where changes to the markdown syntax are documented?

As I have observed in two recent questions, there's been some recent change to the syntax for inline code in comments. Let me here document the changes I found out so far (as in found out the hard way)...
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Cannot use bold and italic in comments

I noticed that using triple-star to apply bold and italics doesn't work in comments. For example: this is ***some*** text I would expect that to be rendered in bold and italics, as it does in ...
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Why can you type new lines in comments if they are never rendered?

In the comment box, you can type new lines, but they are never rendered. This can trick people into thinking that they can separate text into paragraphs, when this is not possible. I think that when ...
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Is it possible to use superscript/subscript in comments? [duplicate]

EDIT: this question is not covered here as this does not refer to subscript or superscript QUESTION: How do I use subscript or superscript in comments? <sup> and </sup> don't work. I ...
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Answer comment cells need text formatting

I noticed certain keywords for text formatting are ignored in the app, e.g. code tags See attached image for reference. App Version: Device: iPhone 7 Plus OS Version: Version 13.3.1 (Build ...
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