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Please allow expired close/open votes to be re-cast [duplicate]

When a close vote expires, it can no longer be re-cast. This didn't use to be the case: back when close votes always expired in 4 days, you could re-cast your close vote after it had expired. This ...
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Reduce close vote expiration restrictions [duplicate]

The close vote queue currently holds 62k+ posts and has been rising for months now. The dropping numbers at the beginning are long history. What can we do to reduce the queue? One possibility would be ...
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New queue for moderators: questions that appear stuck in close votes review at SO [duplicate]

Suggest to setup a dedicated queue for moderators to review questions that hang in Stack Overflow CV queue for more than specified amount of time - say for 5, or 10, or 20 days, or maybe for a month. ...
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What are the changes done in flagging questions? [duplicate]

I am getting this in my flag summary. Can somebody please explain what they signify? Also, active flag changed to pending flag. 299 moderator attention flags 22 waiting for review 204 ...
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Apparently I'll be able to close-vote the same question again [duplicate]

This can't be right. I came across this question today, and figured it should be closed as "no longer reproducible". Apparently I thought the same thing previously - I'd already voted to close it. ...
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Can we have the ability to retract a close vote before it closes?

Sometimes you vote to close something and the OP then changes it to fix the issue or issues. You can't take a close vote back though. It would be nice if you could. With the new Duplicate close ...
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New Feature: Community Review Tasks - Now in Beta

Please post new bug reports, feature requests or discussions as individual questions tagged with at least review in addition to the requisite And thanks for all the great feedback so far! We are ...
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New UI encourages askers to confirm or dispute duplicate votes

As of the 9th of March, the banner shown to askers whose questions have attracted at least one duplicate close vote has a couple of new options: If the author clicks the first button, they're shown a ...
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Can we clarify to the OP that their question is not yet closed and the duplicates are only suggestions?

I keep seeing custom flags in the queue from question askers who are incredibly irritated because there is a big, prominent box at the top of their question. It's just a list of other questions which ...
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Anyone with a "visited: 5000 days, 5000 consecutive" in their profile?

Back in May, 27th 2009, the Stack Overflow team introduced a little counter to monitor the consecutive days you visited the site. And 30 days later (June 26th 2009), the first "Enthusiast" ...
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Allow another close vote after retraction

tl;dr Users that have retracted a close vote should be able to vote again on that same question. I don't believe there is any danger in allowing this, provided some controls are in place (see below). ...
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What is a "closed" or "duplicate" question?

Questions can be closed or marked as duplicates. What does it mean for a question to be "closed"? What does it mean for a question to be marked as a "duplicate"? Who can close a ...
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Close Votes expire too soon for low-traffic tags

On low-traffic tags, a bad question may pick up one or two close votes, but simply hasn't been viewed by very many people with the close-vote privilege. So, after 4 days, the close votes expire, and ...
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What Happened Here? Voted to Close 4 Days Ago, but No Close Votes Today? [duplicate]

Today I saw "Test to see if User/Pass entered for a WebService are correct or not", realized it was a duplicate and voted to close it. I then saw in the comments that I had voted to close it four ...
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Why do close votes expire?

I nominated this question to be closed as a dup. I see that two other people upvoted my comment, so they might have voted to close it as well. Now, we didn't gather enough votes, and all close votes ...
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