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Database schema documentation for the public data dump and SEDE

Stack Exchange releases "data dumps" of all its publicly available content roughly every three months via, and also makes that information queryable over the Internet at the ...
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Add better descriptions and E/R diagram to Data Explorer's schema

Schema should show descriptions and possible values for fields. Maybe it should even have some kind of entity-relationship diagram for the tables.
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Is there any documentation about the data model behind the reputation system?

While I found some good articles about reputation systems in general, and Stack Overflow in particular, I didn't find any article about the data model used. I know the data is stored in a MS-SQL ...
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Data Explorer query to get my post with specific tag

I would like to select all my posts with a specific tag with Data Explorer. Some posts may have multiple tags. If my specific tag is say powerbi I would like to select also all the posts that have ...
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Getting data from Stack Overflow?

I intend to analyze data derived from the user behavior on Stack Overflow (i.e. the number of questions asked in the last five years, upvotes, number of users common to "Android" and "iOS" dev ...
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Is there a site dedicated to Stack Exchange Data Explorer questions?

Where should I ask questions about the StackExchange Data Explorer? I found this page which explains that stack exchange data is dumped somewhere, and in the help section I am told to ask questions ...
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Which of my answers have been upvoted on the most days?

My theory is that answers which have received upvotes on 15 distinct days spaced across a year were in fact more valuable than answers which received 100 upvotes within a 2 day period (after reaching ...
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There are no foreign-keys constraints in the data-explorer database

While creating the answer for Database Diagram of Stack Exchange model? I was looking for the schema information stored in the SEDE database. The sys.tables and sys.columns are populated but when I ...
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Get bounty reason in data explorer

I'm trying to understand which bounty reasons get the most usage, but I can't find the bounty reason anywhere in the database schema. Also, is there any way to do a keyword search on all the table ...
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Is SODDI still working with Data Dump?

I'm following this guide: How to Query the StackExchange Databases, but when trying to connect with SQL Server 2014 it doesn't let me connect to the db. Does SODDI work for the data of January 2015? ...
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