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Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.) [duplicate]

We've launched! Please give feedback here. Today, we're shipping the new "Activity Page" of the Profile here on Meta SE, so you can test it out and hopefully share some feedback and ...
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We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

We've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about ...
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Can Impact (people reached) Go Down? [duplicate]

I was looking at my Impact rating on Arqade earlier, and I noticed that it had reached 945K. Excited, I waited a few hours to see if it was climbing at a steady rate, only to find it had gone back ...
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Why would my People Reached (Impact) drop by ~13k? [duplicate]

So, between yesterday and today, my "People Reached" metric on SO dropped by ~13k. I believe I was somewhere in the range of ~906k and now I'm down to ~893k. Sure, it's a (wildly) fuzzy metric... ...
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Wrong tooltip for "people reached" when viewing other user profile

I was visiting Shog9 's profile to see what his best posts were (I'm not stalking, I'm trying to learn from the masters). I then saw that he impacted over 1 million people, blah blah blah. When I ...
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My Impact Rose... But My Answer Never Made the Requirements

According to this answer, my answer or any answer must reach all the necessary criteria to be able increase the People Reached score of the answerer: Answers - Views of the parent question for ...
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Graph showing Impact over time

When I navigate to the Activity tab of my Stack Overflow user profile, one of the dashboard items is something called Impact, which is supposed to be an estimate of the total number of people reached ...
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Is my reputation and reach on my Stack Exchange linked to my Stack Overflow profile? [closed]

I just linked my Stack Overflow profile to my meta.stackexchange profile. Is the platform going to link both reputations and reach together?
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Decline in impact count [duplicate]

Is it possible for the impact count to go down on a SE site? I have a fairly active profile on Ask Different. The people reached count from my various posts touched ~1.4m around a month ago. But ...
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My "people reached" score went from 69K to 7K on Stack Overflow [duplicate]

My "impact" on Stack Overflow was 69K yesterday. But now instead of 70K, it is showing 7K. Is this a bug?
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