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CSS bug on Ask Question page on Programmers and Meta site [duplicate]

I just came across a CSS issue. When I scroll down on the Ask Question page on Programmers, Meta Programmers, Workplace, Meta Workplace, and Meta Stack Exchange site, I see text overlapping the footer,...
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Post edit sidebar text overlaps bottom bar [duplicate]

I understand this has already been addressed but on Meta it appears the minimal style is causing this to be an issue. Since it's not styled as a post-it note or anything of the sort (i.e. no opaque ...
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Editing notes overflow into footer without background [duplicate]

As I was about to edit a question on Stackoverflow (and Meta) I noticed the sidebar notes overflow into the footer. This also seems to be happening in meta. Happens to me on: Chrome 41 OS X Firefox ...
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Footer overflow on Ask Question page [duplicate]

If you scroll down on the Ask Question page you get a 'footer overflow' as seen below:
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Formatting error while editing question [duplicate]

I have posted one question on this website. While editing it, after scrolling down, I found this: . Kindly change it.
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Missing background on stackexchange's meta edit section [duplicate]

Editing my post I found that in the "How to edit" and "How to format" sections there isn't a background. This happens too in any other post on
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When asking questions, guidelines sidebar overlaps with footer when scrolled down [duplicate]

Related: Right-hand sidebar covers the footer on the “ask question” page and markdown help page Floating sidebar can get too long and obscure footer When asking questions on Meta Stack Exchange, ...
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Right-hand sidebar covers the footer on the "ask question" page and markdown help page

I have noticed that while asking questions and scrolling to the bottom of the page, the right sidebar containing recent questions covers the footer partially. Also, a part of it goes beyond the ...
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Is there a way to find known issues?

Is there a way to go through list of known issues? That way it would be easy to not raise duplicate defects by the community. Sometimes the search string might not match with what ever a user is ...
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Floating sidebar clash with footer in team page

Here is a screenshot from Stackoverflow Team page, with the floating sidebar: (all good so far) After I scroll down to footer it just combines both: Can it please be fixed?
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SE Ask Question page bug - affects multiple sites [duplicate]

The Ask Questions page seems to have some issues with the menu on the right. I noticed it in Workplace and it also seems to affect Meta-SE. This is not a duplicate of "Right-hand sidebar covers the ...
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