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How to query users in SE data, sorting by "people reached"? [duplicate]

I'd like to see the number of people I reached on a specific tag compared to others in my country. Found how to compare using the reputation. How can I compare using the number of people reached ...
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How to get "people reached" info from Users Table? [duplicate]

How can I get "people reached" data from the Users table for Stack Overflow? I didn't find any fields related to the people reached state in the Users table/schema. Is it possible to get that data ...
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Include Impact as record in Users table [duplicate]

The new profile pages has aired with a new statistic, "People reached". This stat may have research value, but it's not provided in the data dumps. This would be useful, for example, where: ...
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Is the new statistics, number of people reached available in the data dump [duplicate]

I am interested to see how this new statistics motivate users to contribute. But in the data dump, this variable seems not to be in the data dump.
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We're working on a new stat to help convey the reach of your posts here

We've got a new statistic on the shiny new Profile Page Prototype. It's not perfect yet. And we did a pretty crap job of explaining what it's all about! Let's talk. What you do here isn't just about ...
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Why can't I pull in all the SO users from Data Explorer?

It only returns 50,000 rows when I do the query below. I thought there are more than that. select id,DisplayName from Users
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Is there a way to get "people reached" sum across entire network for a user?

The New Model profiles on Meta.SE (pretty big improvement!) have a section for "People reached" stat. Now, unless I'm much mistaken, that stat is specific to a given site on the network. If that ...
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What is Views of users in the database schema documentation?

In the Database Schema Documentation, what is the Views field for Users? It does not match the (estimated) "number of people reached" displayed for users on their profile page.
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Can we sort users by impact?

With the recent release of the new profile, we received the impact stat. It would be really cool to see all users listed by impact. Example: Add an impact tab to the Users page, and sort users by ...
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View "people reached" data/trend through time for user

Is there a way to view a trend (graphically or tabulated) in the number of "people reached" per user per site? E.g., to see how many people a user's posts impacted monthly or annually, etc. ...
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