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Is it alright to pay real money for useful help? [duplicate]

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Edit out remark about Bountify [duplicate]

A user has put a bounty of $5 on Bountify on his question. I have no idea what Bountify is, so I am inclined to edit it out. Should I?
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Is it possible and ethical to pay stackoverflow users to get help to finish a simple app? [duplicate]

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Why don't make a Pay version of stackoverflow? [duplicate]

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How about tipping users on Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

I recently sent an email to SE Team, offering the idea to allow "tips" on Stack Exchange sites. They advised me to post it here, since SE is maintained and build by the community. Below is an email ...
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Pay real money to set bounties (another method, not replacing rep method) [duplicate]

It may seem like a stupid thing, but could we please be able to pay real money to set a bounty. For example, if I had only 1 rep, I want to be able have a bounty. Here late the suggested prices in ...
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Question contains offer to pay cash for correct answer - is this okay? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Offering actual money as a bounty? In the text of Htaccess Redirect / RedirectMatch subfolder does not work, the OP offers to pay $50 for a correct answer: To whoever can ...
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Feature Request: Implement bitcoin tipping [duplicate]

Would it be possible to implement bitcoin tipping, so that you can give a microtip to your favorite answer? has already implemented microtipping on github, reddit, and other sites. ...
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Advertize monetary payment for my SO question [duplicate]

So I asked Add browser action button in internet explorer BHO and I didn't get any answers yet. I was wondering if it's legitimate to offer a sum of money for answering it. I will offer a bounty ...
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Add bounty similar way can we not have Add money? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Offering actual money as a bounty? Sometimes it looks like my answer is available but for some reason its not getting answered, even someone knows it. Would that be possible ...
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Should I edit out an offer of financial reward? I would very much appreciate any help. And to first person that gives me the ...
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Introduce an optional "SE Gold" subscription so that we can support SE directly without ads + tracking + venture capital

As an alternative to peddling ads and tracking, building Fortune 500 SaaS, and raising endless venture capital funding rounds, Stack Exchange should investigate an optional tier of monetary support ...
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Introducing donations to authors

A high-rep user normally invests a significant amount of time at SO, and normally contributes with awesome questions & answers. I frequently see extremely good content and I think the effort put ...
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Pay money to SO for quick support

Foreword: I've read the other questions about the Make Money Fast(TM) (like Offering actual money as a bounty?). The basic idea is to offer money to the site for quick support on a probably complex ...
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Would it better the community if we got compensated for posts? Even with minuscule alt coins?

If we are effectively generating more traffic to Stack Exchange sites, would it become a better community if users were compensated somehow besides rep points? Even with minuscule alt coins?
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