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Congratulations to our 29 oldest beta sites - They're now no longer beta!

If you're a user on a long-toiling beta site that's been waiting 7-8 years to get out of beta, this may be the post you've been waiting for. The 29 Beta sites that are 7+ years old no longer have the ...
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Is it possible to start a niche site / community in Area 51?

I suffer from a rare chronic health condition (CSF leaks) and it has two major groups in Facebook with over 7000 members, over 100 posts/comments per day. It's a very helpful community, but the ...
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The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta

The blog post Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta gets linked to prominently from every beta's meta. However, this blog post is somewhat inaccurate and misdirects new users. In almost every ...
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What tag is used for Stack Exchange rules and their respective enforcement instruments?

Each site has a Tour, a Help Center and meta sites having faq where the site's purpose, workings and features of the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange system are explained. Also, there is FAQ for ...
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Why is traffic on some of SE sites stagnant or in decline, and what is the destiny of such sites?

I noticed that some of the SE sites simply declined in terms of new posts in the last several years. Is there any analysis of what these sites are, and reasons why that happened? What would be the ...
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How should a newly graduated site decide when to request reputation threshold changes?

SE site graduation used to involve a bunch of things happening at the same time: removal of the "beta" label, a shiny new design, privilege thresholds increasing from beta levels, inaugural ...
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Was there any full-featured site that managed to get out of beta and then got closed?

Was there any site in the Stack Exchange network that managed to become a full-featured SE site, i.e. got out of beta, and then got closed after some time, due to not having enough attention? Or, if a ...
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There's a Windows Phone.SE Why? [duplicate]

According to 2020: a year in closing In 2020 the number of questions posted on Windows Phone was 30, seven of which were asked and closed. The total number of questions closed that year was eight. The ...
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Are there some specific requirements/recommendations about minimal activity in private beta?

Following this policy and this answer, I assume that new sites have low chances to be closed for too low activity level in public beta, but high chances to be closed to the same reason at the end or ...
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Moderator elections in beta sites?

Per my previous question, it seems like the beta phase of sites is continuing much longer than previously. Currently, pro-temp moderators are nominated when a site is only a few weeks old, when the ...
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Congratulations to the 59 sites that just left Beta

This is an exciting day for all of us who work on community here, and for the communities that have given thousands of hours of their time to build sites on the Stack Exchange network. Today, we are ...
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Why was the main criterion for graduation specifically chosen as 10 questions per day?

Prior to July 2015, site graduation was basically decided subjectively by the SE team, based on the site's Area 51 statistics and the capacity of the design team. From what I recall, it was basically ...
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How can I volunteer to keep a Beta site alive?

I've literally just noticed that an SE site I love and have been contributing to diligently for years, is still in the dreaded Beta. (side note - that "Beta" designation should be way more ...
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If a Beta site closes, are the questions and answers lost?

I am answering questions on Arduino Beta - some of those answers are quite lengthy, including images and code (as are answers by others) and it would be a pity if they were just lost one day. If the ...
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What happens to a Stack Exchange site if it has almost no traffic?

While scrolling through the sites list of Stack Exchange, I found that some sites don't even get a question a day. For example, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Veganism & Vegetarianism and Ebooks. Some ...

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