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Let's break up with "Graduation" and remove a bunch of "Beta" labels

Over two years ago now, we made a big shift in how we handle "graduation" - nearly severing the connection between "graduation" and site design. We also talked about removing the &...
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Why we initiated the latest round of design changes and the role of meta

Now seems like a good time to remind ourselves of why we started making dramatic changes to the design of every site on the network. From Joe's post on meta: We're introducing a new product, Teams (...
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Writing.SE clamours for graduation

Writing.SE has raised the issue of our desire to graduate a year ago Here it is: we're tired of being a beta site. We believe we have been a consistently successful site, we've been around for more ...
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Add a "number of active users" statistic

Both, Area 51 and display the total number of users as one of the statistics available for each site. Area 51 additionally displays the number of avid users defined by meeting a ...
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Moderator elections in beta sites?

Per my previous question, it seems like the beta phase of sites is continuing much longer than previously. Currently, pro-temp moderators are nominated when a site is only a few weeks old, when the ...
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Let's set better expectations for how long beta lasts

Back when the idea of beta sites was young, the expectation was that beta was a fairly quick process. Even now, Area 51 sets the expectation that 90 days is a good "start thinking about graduation" ...
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The Real Essential Questions of Every Beta

The blog post Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta gets linked to prominently from every beta's meta. However, this blog post is somewhat inaccurate and misdirects new users. In almost every ...
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Fix serial downvoting reversal to not apply to users spamming site front page with bad answers

The Problem (an example) This user's answers have been downvoted consistently as they are not very high quality. The also tend to come in bursts of nearly 10 often on older questions. They are not ...
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Why is Code Golf & Programming Puzzles still in beta?

Checking Code Golf & Programming Puzzles Area51 profile page you can see that the page fulfills the requirements to graduate. Why is it still in beta?
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What is the point of having different sites for each service in the same or similar domain?

I am talking about the cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. We have pending proposals Blockchain Technology - commitment phase with 51% commitment. for discussing about Blockchain ...
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What is the typical growth pattern of a new beta site in the first few weeks?

I've been involved with and a little bit with I've noticed that both had very high activity during private beta and then about half as ...
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Could we update the "7 essential meta questions" blog post, or not link it prominently in early beta?

Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta lists some key questions that each site needs to decide -- scope, tagging, etc. New sites in private beta (and early in public beta) get a link to this ...
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How can I get Stack Exchange to send me to a conference?

I read Supporting Community Conferences, which states, Depending on the circumstances and location, we can also sponsor community leaders to attend an event on behalf of their site. We will subsidize ...
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Is the private beta stage really necessary on Area 51?

Let's look at the reasons why we have a private beta stage and whether or not it does what it is supposed to. It is supposed to be private to prevent random visitors who don't know where they are and ...
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Can we do something about the "graduated" label?

This question arose from discussion on Should we rename or remove the "beta" label?. Sites fall into three main categories: Young betas that are still very much in beta. Consensus seems ...
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