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How can I volunteer to keep a Beta site alive?

I've literally just noticed that an SE site I love and have been contributing to diligently for years, is still in the dreaded Beta. (side note - that "Beta" designation should be way more ...
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Are there any clear and objective criteria when the public beta site will graduate?

According to the answer What are the success criteria for an Area 51 beta site? when the site after 90 days in beta becomes eligible for graduation as a full site, it will be launched. However, most ...
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Beta sites Election reputation cap should be 4k not 20k

Currently, in an election reputation is capped at 20k: The same as the "Trusted User privilege": However, now that beta sites are holding elections, I think this needs to be changed. On a beta site,...
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What will happen to a site if the product it is based on is no longer relevant?

What will happen to a graduated site if the product it is based on is no longer relevant and no questions are being asked? I thought about this when I saw the Windows Phone site graduate out of beta. ...
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Can Q&A be imported into new beta from the previous closed beta dump?

Is it possible or common that questions and answers from the dump of previous closed beta can be imported again into the new fresh/restarted private beta (like after the next year)? Is it something ...
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Timeline of a Stack Exchange site

Up till now, I only ever signed up to "normal" sites. I heard of "private beta" in comments to questions. But now I committed to Korean, and I would like to know what phases a proposal at Area 51 has ...
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Is it possible to start a niche site / community in Area 51?

I suffer from a rare chronic health condition (CSF leaks) and it has two major groups in Facebook with over 7000 members, over 100 posts/comments per day. It's a very helpful community, but the ...
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What happens to a Stack Exchange site if it has almost no traffic?

While scrolling through the sites list of Stack Exchange, I found that some sites don't even get a question a day. For example, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Veganism & Vegetarianism and Ebooks. Some ...
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Why do some StackExchange sites have a nice logo and others a simple speech bubble with 2 letters?

From my Stack Exchange sites: Nice logos Simple boring logos Why is that? Not enough questions or people joined to the site Nobody did design a cool logo Other reason
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What is the usual process for closure of a site in public beta?

Even though data dumps of closed sites are available for download, it might be useful to know a week or month in advance that a public beta site is scheduled for closure. What is the usual procedure ...
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Are there some specific requirements/recommendations about minimal activity in private beta?

Following this policy and this answer, I assume that new sites have low chances to be closed for too low activity level in public beta, but high chances to be closed to the same reason at the end or ...
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Can there be some method of clearly stating what functional differences exist on smaller SE sites as opposed to the core SE sites

Preface: I am posting this here as an adjunct to a post I just made on the meta site for “Science Fiction and Fantasy.” My post here will be far shorter and more “high level” since what I ask there is ...
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Why is only Stack Overflow so large?

Stack Overflow has been around for almost nine years, and I don't think anyone can deny that it is an absolute resounding success by any objective standard. There are not very many serious programmers ...
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Migrate good questions to sister site from failed site?

Five years ago we were making a lot of new sites. Some of them are not doing so well, and a few have been closed after going to beta. While I realize that closing beta sites is not aggressive as it ...
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How can we address outdated policy in blog posts?

The Stack Exchange Blog is a great place with a wealth of information but, as site ecosystems change, the content in the blog becomes outdated and can actually cause confusion. That doesn't mean that ...
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