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Why is only Stack Overflow so large?

Stack Overflow has been around for almost nine years, and I don't think anyone can deny that it is an absolute resounding success by any objective standard. There are not very many serious programmers ...
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Are there some specific requirements/recommendations about minimal activity in private beta?

Following this policy and this answer, I assume that new sites have low chances to be closed for too low activity level in public beta, but high chances to be closed to the same reason at the end or ...
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What tag is used for Stack Exchange rules and their respective enforcement instruments?

Each site has a Tour, a Help Center and meta sites having faq where the site's purpose, workings and features of the Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange system are explained. Also, there is FAQ for ...
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Can Q&A be imported into new beta from the previous closed beta dump?

Is it possible or common that questions and answers from the dump of previous closed beta can be imported again into the new fresh/restarted private beta (like after the next year)? Is it something ...
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What happens to a Stack Exchange site if it has almost no traffic?

While scrolling through the sites list of Stack Exchange, I found that some sites don't even get a question a day. For example, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Veganism & Vegetarianism and Ebooks. Some ...
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Will health beta ever pass the beta phase? [duplicate]

The stats for health beta look pretty low. Is there a chance that things will turn around?
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Offer questions from closed SE sites to migration review queue of open ones

Rather than leave the questions/answers from closed SE sites to be accessed in data dumps, could they be filtered and offered to other SE sites based (the most relevant and popular first)? I offer ...
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Results of Pro Tempore elections experiment

Last year I announced an experiment of electing Pro Tempore moderators. We've completed 26 elections (with 4 more scheduled), including the Parenting pilot. One election, Tezos, picked the initial ...
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Why was the main criterion for graduation specifically chosen as 10 questions per day?

Prior to July 2015, site graduation was basically decided subjectively by the SE team, based on the site's Area 51 statistics and the capacity of the design team. From what I recall, it was basically ...
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Are there any plans to graduate any beta sites soon?

It's been more than a year since a beta site was graduated – the latest being Bitcoin in October 2017. Since then, the SE team has been busy with the rolling out of responsive design themes which ...
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How to determine if a beta site is ready to support a post-graduation election?

After a site graduates, we proceed to have moderator elections. The graduation of Mechanics.SE was delayed for around 9 months because it was unable to "support an election": But I don't ...
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Do mature Stack Exchange sites ever close? [duplicate]

Communities need to pass some critical mass and quality criteria in order to come out of Area51 into StackExchange proper, and be "born". But do sites ever "die" ? Put another way - is the number of ...
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How does the new beta/graduation philosophy apply to spinoff sites?

The recent changes formally acknowledging long beta periods seem like a huge improvement: our longstanding small but awesome beta sites can breathe easier. I'm wondering about one specific case: ...
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When is the exact point of a website graduation in the new system?

I haven’t seen a website graduate in the “old system” so I don’t know how it really worked before, but I’m curious how it works now. I don’t know when is the exact point when a website is considered ...
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Beta websites under Stack Exchange [duplicate]

I had joined the quite a lot of beta websites under Stack Exchange (Space Exploration, Internet of Things to name a few). Out of sheer curiosity, I would like to know and understand if the websites ...
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