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At smaller graduated sites, delay granting association bonus until at least after 2-3 days visited

(matters of association bonus are probably not important for large sites) Immediately granting association bonus carries certain risk of destructive impact (comments and votes) from users totally ...
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Can there be some method of clearly stating what functional differences exist on smaller SE sites as opposed to the core SE sites

Preface: I am posting this here as an adjunct to a post I just made on the meta site for “Science Fiction and Fantasy.” My post here will be far shorter and more “high level” since what I ask there is ...
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Changing the Pro Tem moderators every X months/years

Pro tempore moderators are chosen very early, and then they almost 100% of the time remain in power until graduation, which can take several years. Have people thought about allowing pro tem ...
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Could we update the "7 essential meta questions" blog post, or not link it prominently in early beta?

Seven Essential Meta Questions of Every Beta lists some key questions that each site needs to decide -- scope, tagging, etc. New sites in private beta (and early in public beta) get a link to this ...
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Why is Code Golf & Programming Puzzles still in beta?

Checking Code Golf & Programming Puzzles Area51 profile page you can see that the page fulfills the requirements to graduate. Why is it still in beta?
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Can we do something about the "graduated" label?

This question arose from discussion on Should we rename or remove the "beta" label?. Sites fall into three main categories: Young betas that are still very much in beta. Consensus seems ...
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How should a newly graduated site decide when to request reputation threshold changes?

SE site graduation used to involve a bunch of things happening at the same time: removal of the "beta" label, a shiny new design, privilege thresholds increasing from beta levels, inaugural ...
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If a Beta site closes, are the questions and answers lost?

I am answering questions on Arduino Beta - some of those answers are quite lengthy, including images and code (as are answers by others) and it would be a pity if they were just lost one day. If the ...
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Writing.SE clamours for graduation

Writing.SE has raised the issue of our desire to graduate a year ago Here it is: we're tired of being a beta site. We believe we have been a consistently successful site, we've been around for more ...
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Can Beta sites slated for graduation get full-site abilities without site design upgrade?

I respect the discussion about how much work goes into making a Beta site into a full site, particularly from the design perspective. From Robert Cartaino's answer: Sending a site to the "...
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Allowing CSS customization of beta sites

One of the biggest challenges for a Beta SE site is attracting enough people to attain critical mass necessary for keeping the site productive. Whereas cosmetic appearance isn't nearly the most ...
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Concern over the effects of 3-week private betas

In this post on Meta Hardware Recommendations (requires registration through A51 to see), Robert Cartaino tells us that the Stack Exchange team have decided to extend the private beta period to 3 ...
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Replace graduation with an incremental process

I mentioned this in TL before, and it got a positive response. It has been discussed internally, but I'd like to see what the commuinty in general thinks about it. Pre-ramble In the past, sites used ...
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Do the new graduation policies have any effect on migrations to Beta sites?

A little while back, Stack Exchange announced new policies related to graduation and site closure. In short, graduation is considered once a site consistently received 10 questions per day, sites get ...
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What is the typical growth pattern of a new beta site in the first few weeks?

I've been involved with and a little bit with I've noticed that both had very high activity during private beta and then about half as ...
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