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Reputation detail display on specific day [duplicate]

After I click the reputation tab on my activity page, I can see graph like below: Here I find out that I got 50 rep on 'May 8', then I click the banner to see detail, it turns out that the detail is ...
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Reputation histogram shows rep changes for the Nth-1 day [duplicate]

When I click on the histogram's bars, it shows me the changes for the day before that. In case of rep changes after a day of nothing, it says "There were no net reputation changes on this day" when ...
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Reputation graph shows events for previous day [duplicate]

When I click a day column on reputation chart, events for a previous day are shown instead of events for the selected day. The column tooltip shows also previous day (the same for which events are ...
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Incorrect mapping between reputation graph and posts from which user earned the corresponding reputation [duplicate]

Bars shown in Reputation graph have incorrect mapping with Post from which reputation has been earned. for more details look at these attached images: Here reputation earned is 75 but No posts are ...
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The daily reputation list doesn't match the daily bars in the graphical reputation summary [duplicate]

I recently noticed that the question/answer-level summary of reputation changes that you get when clicking the daily reputation bars doesn't match the correct day. Instead you get a list of the ...
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Clicking a column in the reputation graph shows details for the previous day [duplicate]

When clicking a column in the reputation graph on my profile, the previous days' details are displayed, even if no changes happened on that day. The tooltip also shows the wrong date. In the example ...
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One-off bug in reputation graph (bar chart) [duplicate]

I found a possible bug in the reputation graph, i.e. the bar chart, showing reputation for each single day (go to user profile -> activity -> reputation -> graph). Actually, there seem to be two bugs, ...
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Clicking bar@reputation graph, reputation changes wrong [duplicate]

It seems when your clicking the reputation bar for single days, you get the reputation for the previous day. Also the x axis ticks do not seem to be alligned with the tool-tips. E.g. in the ...
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We have updated jQuery to 1.12.4 - please report related bugs here

We have updated the jQuery version that Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange use from version 1.7.1 to 1.12.4 today (Tuesday, September 27, 2016). jQuery is an infrastructure library, and we've been ...
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Reputation graph not displaying details correctly?

I was trying out the reputation graph and found that the details are not displayed for the day I click. For example, If I click on today's bar, the reputation details that gets displayed is for the ...
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