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Odd "edit" link has appeared in the help center [duplicate]

If you visit a site's /help page as a moderator, you now have a weird "edit" link: Clicking on it brings up an inline editor box which lets me add text that appears just above the link: That doesn't ...
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Which help pages can be changed, by a site's community moderator? [duplicate]

Each site's help center contains a number of help pages. Which of these can be edited for a specific site by a community moderator on that site? (To be clear, I am asking about ♦-moderators, not ...
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Which sites have customized their help center homepage?

I have some ideas for the homepage of the Web Applications SE Help Center; before I start writing the draft I would like to learn from the experiences of other sites. I remember have seeing posts here ...
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How can I find the revisions history for the help center?

Some parts of the help center can be edited by the moderators and, of course, any part can be edited by a Stack Exchange employees. According to this post, the link to revisions is accessible to ...
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Allow mods to edit a section of the about page

The /about page is a great intro to the Stack Exchange model, but pretty useless as an introduction to the actual site you're on. This makes the page useless for all SE regulars, as there's usually ...
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Why is "what can I ask about here" not the first entry in the help center?

On a lot of sites, the first section of the Help Center looks like this: When I go to a site's help center it's almost always to find out what's on-topic there, because I'm considering asking or ...
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Still HTTP links in /tour on various sites

<Something> Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for <some people>. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working ...
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Who can edit the "ask / don't ask" part of the tour?

Who is able to edit this section of the tour of an SE site? I know that moderators can edit the /help/on-topic page, which is somewhat similar to the above section: both have lists of allowed and ...
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Can we mark some more Help Center articles as moderator-editable?

The Help Center is lying about site's scopes. According to this answer, the /help/on-topic page is the only Help Center article that can be edited on a per-site basis without going through employees. ...
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Where should a user post to ask for help bridging the knowledge / communication gap between experts in a field and themselves?

Is there a location where someone can post a potential question so that experts in the fields could help insert/correct the jargon used within it. Jargon being terminology that an amateur in the field ...
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What is the purpose of limiting access to edit help center pages?

As far as I know the number of help center pages available to edit by moderators is very limited: What parts of the help center can site moderators edit? Moreover, I (as a moderator of ruSO) can't ...
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Allow moderators to edit sections of privilege help center pages

This question is inspired by the recent public reveal of the Stack Overflow Question Close Reasons - Definitions and Guidance. Briefly, the Q&A provides really useful community-specific guidance ...
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Editing comment help page

The editing help gives no mention that commenting when there is one existing commenter will cause them to be notified too. Is it the site admin's job to edit something like this in, or would it be ...
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