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What is a better way to mark answers as obsolete? [duplicate]

Answers sometimes become obsolete. New solutions arise that were not technically feasible at the time that the question was originally posed. People decide that the old way of doing things is no ...
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Making a significant improvement to an answer already accepted or upvoted, where to put update? [duplicate]

This would be a person making an edit to that's person's own prior answer that makes a significant improvement. Say it's an algorithm improvement that reduces time complexity (such as from O(log(n)) ...
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Fastest Gun in the West Problem

I feel like there's a problem with Stack Overflow, as the number of people prowling it increases. Each question's answers are sorted by descending score and then by descending time of posting. This ...
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What formula should be used to determine "hot" questions?

Right now the front page Popular tab is fairly broken -- it's a simple descending sort by views. As Joel said in podcast #18, it is "a self-fulfilling prophecy." But this is not intentional, ...
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We are updating our Code of Conduct and we would like your feedback

Update, May 31st, 2023: The updated code of conduct has been released network-wide. A good Code of Conduct is a handshake agreement between users and the company. It is a document that inspires trust ...
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Repository of useful pro-forma comments

Every tag has its questions that make the same mistake(s) over and over and over again. (But some tags more than others.) That's where Benjol's pro forma comments script comes in. The only downside to ...
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Can we exempt negatively-scored accepted answers from getting the top spot? [duplicate]

Similar to this request but narrower, I'm suggesting we make a particular exception for negatively-scored accepted answers (those with score less than zero, or some other threshold like -3), so that ...
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What are some deferred, ignored, or sunset projects we wish SE would work on to facilitate the community?

We all have our pet projects - things we wish SE would do but which seem to be forever stuck in the backlog pile. Other times, something that's well received gets forgotten in the shuffle. Inspired by ...
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How aggressively should we maintain and improve very popular questions? [closed]

I was discussing this question on team chat: How do I perform an IF...THEN in an SQL SELECT? This question is a high value asset on the site it was posted, it already has 150k views, 120+ total votes ...
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Let's move some negatively scored answers from the top spot

Internally, we've been discussing how we can deal with obsolete or out-of-date answers. A few weeks ago, I requested some feedback on how to encourage edits to these types of answers, while I'm still ...
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RSS feed of your favorite tags

It would be nice if we could subscribe to an RSS feed of all the questions that match your 'favorite' tags i.e. an RSS feed of the questions that get highlighted as yellow when viewing the question ...
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How to deal with obsolete answers?

I was thinking about this issue from time to time but I didn't know whether it really exists or just an speculation on my side until today when I woke up [!], I saw a very old answer of mine which was ...
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Keeping special status for Accepted Answers without sticking them to top forever? [duplicate]

I often see complaints about highly voted answers (an indicator of community respect) appearing below an accepted answer which may have far fewer votes e.g. Shouldn't the answer with more votes be ...
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Auto-protect questions that get more than N answers from new users in a 24-hour period

Expanding the criteria for auto-protection has been discussed in the past: Should we automatically protect all questions with more than N answers? But I think that discussion addresses the wrong ...
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How is misrepresentation of Stack Exchange in the media (and in science) handled?

I'm a regular reader of the site of the British newspaper The Guardian. The quality of the articles is generally high and they cover a wide range of topics. Today I was surprised to come across an ...
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