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Make voting arrows look different after voting

There's no change to the appearance of the up/down voting arrows on answers with the Android app at the moment. This means that whe you return to a question there's no way of seeing which answers you'...
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Material Design in Stack Exchange App

I wonder, if Google's Material Design is applied on Stack Exchange app, it would be great. Isn't it?
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Votes cast from Android app don't highlight until refresh [duplicate]

When I vote using the Android app, the button highlights briefly in orange as expected and then returns to the normal black (so both vote buttons are the same color). I expected the highlighting to ...
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Invisible Upvote? [duplicate]

I am on the Andriod SE app on the Galaxy S2 when the problem appeared. I was on this question and upvoted the current posts at that time. For some weird reason, it doesn't show that I upvoted the ...
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The Android App regularly forgets my votes after I cast them, especially after commenting [duplicate]

There's a curious bug that keeps tripping me up on the Android app: votes sometimes appear to revert in the client, though they stick successfully server side. I'm using app version 1.0.54 on Android ...
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Voting problems in app [duplicate]

When you vote on a post in the app (all sites), it remembers the vote on the server, but shortly after voting, the vote will appear to be unrecorded on the device until you refresh the page. If you ...
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Vote action isn't shown until the question is reloaded [duplicate]

I've recently noticed that on the Stack Exchange Android application, if I cast a vote on a post the vote action (red arrow) is only shown for around half a second and then the vote appears to be ...
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UI: change the upvote button after I've upvoted [duplicate]

When you upvote answers on the web version, the up arrow becomes orange (or some variation on other sites) to show that you've already voted. Here, it does not happen, so I have no indication that I'...
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Vote button not remaining red [duplicate]

When I vote on a question or answer in the Android app, sometimes the up arrow turns red briefly then the screen flashes ad if it refreshed and the up button is no longer red. The vote count is at its ...
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Up-vote red highlight not showing [duplicate]

I up-voted an answer but the red highlight around the up arrow never came as can be seen below. To make sure, I voted again and got the error message.
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App doesn't show my upvote, so I upvote -- and now it's "locked in" [duplicate]

To reproduce: upvote an answer with 0 current votes edit the question Expected behavior: answer shows 1 vote Actual behavior: answer shows 0 votes You will know that the server already received ...
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Vote button doesn't stay highlighted until refresh of app [duplicate]

I'm on a Moto E2, running Android 5.1. When I click the up/down vote button in the app, it turns red (like it's supposed to), and the vote number goes up. However, shortly thereafter, the vote ...
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Vote buttons revert to incorrect state when tapping on "Add comment" [duplicate]

When I tap an upvote or downvote button the button turns orange. If I tap on the "Add comment" button on the same post, the vote button reverts to the gray unvoted state. If I tap again (on the vote ...
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