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Per-site metas broken when using HTTPS [duplicate]

I just noticed that trying to visit one of the per-site metas using HTTPS will (after confirming the security exception due to the limitations of SSL wildcard certificates) give a 403 error: Yes, I ...
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All internal links on Stack Exchange sites should be protocol-relative

In preparation for the eventual deployment of full HTTPS support on Stack Exchange, and also to make the currently available "alpha" HTTPS support more usable, all links from Stack Exchange sites to ...
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Remind active users that there is a per-site meta under certain conditions

Proposal You haven’t been active on Meta for a while. Please consider to take a look at recent posts and to help determining this site’s policies by voting and providing feedback. Send users a ...
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Roadmap for HTTPS/SSL support [duplicate]

Every once in a while, someone comes to Meta to report a bug about something not working and it turns out that person is visiting one of the network sites over HTTPS/SSL. The problem has been growing ...
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Connection is not private when viewing per site meta over HTTPS [duplicate]

I discovered the problem on this thread: If time-travellers always arrive naked how and what would they trade? In the comments, another user posted a link to another part of the site. I followed the ...
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Stack Overflow Up, Down Vote and Favorite (star) buttons are not working

I'm trying to vote up a good answer. But button does not working, then i open other some question for checking but these (Up Vote, Down Vote, Favorite star) are not working. Also this error is showing....
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Election candidate cards use broken HTTPS meta links

On election pages, such as Software Recommendations' ongoing election, if you're viewing the page over HTTPS, the candidate cards use HTTPS links. Fine, that's pretty standard behaviour. The problem ...
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Links between SE sites giving me plaintext

I've come across a problem recently that when I click links to travel between SE sites, like in the dropdown list or the hot questions, the new page is all in plaintext. I've determined that the non-...
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Broken links to per-site metas [closed]

Accessing per-site metas over HTTPS is officially unsupported and known to be broken (Accessing per-site metas gives 403 forbidden from cloudflare-nginx, Untrusted connection when visiting per-site ...
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Why do stack.imgur images break https? [duplicate]

I find this a bit weird. Suppose I try to load StackOverflow over https: I get a nice green padlock of feel-good browser feeling that my web browsing is secure. However, if I start to navigate the ...
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Why is not recognizing me as logged in when is?

I wanted to ask a question on Meta Unix & Linux ( I'm logged in to Unix & Linux (, and it's showing just over 700 rep for me. ...
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