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Why did the late answer queue spike on Sep 29, 2015? [duplicate]

The late answer queue just went to 1.2k on Mathematics. On other sites the same happened (EL&U 850, SO 1.5k, TeX-LaTeX 500). Why did this happen? According to a comment on this post, there are ...
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Improving Review Queues - Design overview I: Onboarding and updating workflows

This is one of three project announcements for Improving Review Queues. We’ve summarized the project objectives and goals here. As a reminder, this project is still in the early stages of discovery. ...
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Heuristics for detecting a bad answer?

A lot of bad answers are slipping through the cracks on Stack Overflow. You can see some examples at Thanks a lot for this post ... and other first time user curiosities I've been paging through ...
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What are the guidelines for reviewing?

About reviewing The review queues contain posts that possibly need further action from the community, like improvement, closure, or deletion. By presenting those posts for peer-review, the system aims ...
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Opt in "mentor" privilege at 7.5k

I am suggesting a Mentor privilege at 7.5k. It would be on a per-user per-site opt in basis. At some reputation level (perhaps 7.5k) there could be an opt in "mentor" privilege. If someone opts in ...
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Make three "No Action Needed" required to remove something from First Posts and Late answers

So I've recently learned my lesson about "No Action Needed" in the First Posts and Late answers queue. This has been discussed to death: So I failed this review audit Failed and banned for ...
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Late late answer?

So, I just came across a review in the Late Answers review queue. The link to the review itself: This wasn't an audit (the ...
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How old does a question have to be for it to be a late answer?

Kind of feel silly asking this but...I like reviewing, it's fun. At the time of this post I've reviewed 297 First Posts, but only 30 Late Answers, primarily because Late Answers appear less often. ...
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What happens when a late answer is upvoted?

I have a doubt concerning the way the Late Answers review queue works. Suppose that, at the moment that an answer is posted, it qualifies to be sent to the Late Answers review queue. That is (please ...
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Why is the rep threshold for commenting set specifically to 50?

Please note: this is NOT a request to change the reputation required to comment everywhere. Rather, this is a neutral support question asking about the existing limit. I'm wondering why the minimum ...
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How to behave when there is a database error or a bug on the site?

Looking on SuperUser review page today I found 5.5K late answer waiting to be done... I suspected a bug since, at moment, SuperUser site counts around 284k questions and I see not probable that 5....
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A "what's new" or "this just changed" notification on review page

If possible, could we add just a simple message/note/tag to the review queue to indicate that something has changed? Preferably with a link to the rationale/description. For instance, I logged into ...
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