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How do I hide my accounts on a specific Stack Exchange site?

Can I hide my accounts that I already participate in, for a specific site? For example, I'm in one where I don't want to make my accounts visible for others: Or is this not possible?
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Fix the misleading description of the "Hide Communities" feature

The new profile also introduced a feature that allows users to hide the connection between your accounts on different SE sites. The description of the feature is the following: Choose which ...
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Hidden profiles are not hidden at all

I just tried out the relatively new ability to hide profiles on certain sites, and it turns out that it doesn't really hide anything at all since the hidden profile still has a link to my network ...
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Association bonus (+100 rep) and site disconnection bug?

Bug 1: Association bonuses for no apparent reason. This user joined our stack with 101 rep (from the association bonus). On checking rep I see one other stack with 101 rep, and one stack with 1 rep. ...
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How to report a bug in a community which I don't want to join?

Is there any way to report a bug to a community which I don't want to join or I don't deserve to join (Much like SO in Portuguese because I don't even know it)? The only thing that I thought to ...
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Are users trackable from outside over the network?

If I use one and the same account for all sites in the SE Network, can people from outside link my activity on different sites, even when I choose different names? I am aware that of course the ...
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How did this user get an association bonus when he's a member of only one site?

I found a user on Biology SE. He has been awarded an association bonus on Biology SE, but he's not a member of any other sites. How is that possible? Could he have previously earned reputation on ...
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Are Stack Exchange accounts automatically linked?

If I open an account on a second Stack Exchange site with the same email address as my Stack Overflow account, will they automatically be linked? If so, how can I avoid it?
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How can a user earn almost 100 reputation points with no upvoted questions and no profiles on other sites? [duplicate]

This profile here got almost 100 reputation points & 30 votes casted & no upvoted questions. So there is no way to achieve 100 reputation points. It only joined in movies community only. ...
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Possibility to ask anonymous questions

The Stack Exchange network has been growing a lot in the past couple of years. By now there are many sites that are about potentially sensitive topics. One that comes to mind is https://workplace....
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How do I participate anonymously in an SE community?

I would like to participate anonymously in one StackExchange community. Using a different display name doesn't do me any good because even a visitor who is not logged in can check my user profile and ...
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Why is a site not showing in the Network Profile?

When looking at the network profile of user Valorum, I notice that they have 300k rep on SciFi.SE, but it doesn't show up on their accounts tab. Even stranger, if you go to their profile on ...
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Should hidden community user profiles pop up in a Google search?

From another question related to the use of the Google search engine in combination with Stack Exchange, I found the following. I have some accounts I solely use for flagging. Those profiles are set ...
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Can I quit my association with ONE of the Stack Exchange specific sites? [duplicate]

I got associated to many Stack Exchange communities and I want to clean up sites I don't use. How can I stop being associated with, for example, Mathematics Stack Exchange but not the others? I have ...
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