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Meaning of Values for PostTypeId in data explorer or in data-dump [duplicate]

I am looking for some explanation of the schema for the data dump of se sites. Specifically I'd like to know the values for PostTypeId field (1=Questions?, 2=Answers?, 3=?, etc). I have tried to ...
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SO database schema [duplicate]

Has the database schema for Stack Overflow been made publicly available? If not, could it be? If not the whole schema, how about a list of the tables used? I want this as a learning resource.
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Documentation for Stack Exchange Data Explorer Schema? [duplicate]

Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but is there documentation on the SEDE schema anywhere? As listed here, it's not obvious what all the fields ...
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List of Vote type IDs [duplicate]

This is mainly for SEDE use. I know the basic VoteTypeIds, like 1 for accept, 2 for upvote, and 3 for downvote. There are also some other less well-known ones like 11 for undelete. Is there a ...
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What is LastAccessDate in the Database schema? [duplicate]

I have a doubt regarding the meaning of LastAccessDate in the StackExchange database under the User table. Is it the last date on which the user have performed some activity on the site(like asking ...
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What is the meaning of posts.communityowned date? [duplicate]

There is a field in the posts table named communityowneddate. What is the meaning of that field? And in what case is the post owned by community?
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What's the website for running SQL queries on Stack Overflows database? [duplicate]

I knew I've visited it but I just can't remember the URL. The website consists of a number of user submitted SQL queries that return remaining points to badges, top users in a week and much much more....
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Tag prediction for Stack Overflow posts [duplicate]

I'm working on a small project where I have to create a model (nltk) that will predict the tags from questions that may be published on Stack Overflow. I used this link
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Stack Exchange SQL dumps don't contain answers? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange provides database dumps on this link. However, the structure of files don't contain answers. It has only: Badges, Comments, PostLinks, PostHistory, Posts, Tags, Users, and Votes. In ...
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Find users who bookmarked a question? [duplicate]

Is there any data explorer query that allows to find the users who bookmarked a specific question? EDIT: I tried searching for a direct hit on data-explorer but didn't find any post having a ...
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How do I link the Stack Exchange data together? [duplicate]

I was trying to link the Stack Exchange data together from the data dump as my college database subject project, but I can't understand how to link the Post and its answer. I tried to link ...
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What is the AcceptedAnswerId field in Stack Overflow data MSR 2015? [duplicate]

I mean, how can I find the total list of description for AcceptedAnswerId in the post schema?
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What are all the IDs on the /reputation page, and what do they mean? [duplicate]

Here's an excerpt from my page: 1 14132869 (2) 1 14132300 (15) 3 14138562 (-1) 2 14138574 (10) 2 14138574 (10) 2 14138746 (10) 2 14140825 (10) 2 ...
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Is there a way to backup an SE site? [duplicate]

I am not a high rep user nor active on Meta SE yet I worried that SE might disappear forever. Can I backup a certain site?
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What is posthistory? [duplicate]

I am trying to use Stack Overflow offline and I see that there are 2 files names Posts and PostHistory in available for downloads. Can someone tell me what PostHistory is? Is it all the ...
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