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Shouldn't there be a book published by Stack Exchange containing the archive of best questions with the top answers for a particular site(s)? [duplicate]

Stack Exchange is a great place to ask and answer, but at the same time due to its legacy it has grown up with some of the best quality of content expressed in the question-and-answer format. So, ...
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Why the OP does not get link to the deleted post in the reputation tab?

The following is from the FAQ item How do I read the history of my reputation? (current revision) in the part related to removed posts: "When a post gets deleted, the question's title will be shown in ...
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Compiling answers as HTML, PDF, whatever

I would like to collect all the answers of a specific user (e.g. John Rennie in physics, and also my own answers on philosophy). I don't care if the result is HTML or PDF. Is such result possible in ...
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Can I obtain data about my Q&A on all Stack Exchange sites?

Is it possible to download the following data on my questions and answers on all Stack Exchange sites? The Stack Exchange site it appeared on (can be omitted as redundant if the full URL is provided)....
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Backup answers to favorites

Here are many methods to backup questions that I asked / answered / commented. Does one of these methods backup the text (not just ID) of questions and answers I marked as favorites (bookmarks, star ...
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How can I print a question with many pages in pagination?

I want to print some community wiki questions, but they span many pages, like 6 or 7. When I print it only gets the content of the first page. How can I print I pages in one go? I would like to make ...
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What is the best way to download a list of stack exchange questions for offline browsing? [duplicate]

I have about 600 favorite questions from the stack exchange network that I want to compile into a single pdf to read offline. Clearly clicking on each one is not an option(repetitive tasks may be for ...
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Download all my content in a compact form [duplicate]

The imaginary feature being proposed sounds like a lot of work to implement but I think it still can be useful as an inspiration. Assume a user of an SE site has made some thoughtful contributions ...
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Is there a way of downloading one's questions from the Mathematics Stack Exchange site into Lyx/Latex or PDF form or conversely

Is there a way of downloading ones's questions on, Math Stack Exchange site into Lyx/LaTeX or PDF form or conversely. I.e. is there a feature that allows me to download my own questions from Math ...
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