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Brace yourselves: The GDPR is coming!

It's actually nothing to worry about. You as users end up with more protection, and companies like us are left in a place where we've got a framework for handling your information that puts much ...
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Allow cross-site queries in data explorer [duplicate]

I think it would be useful if we could join across databases in the data-explorer. For example, I'd like to query up a list of questions that I had a hand in migrating away from SO, and see what ...
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Chat messages and SO Jobs data are missing from the GDPR Data Access Request JSON dump

I just recently learned about the automated service provided by Stack Exchange for handling GDPR Data Access Requests. So, of course, I tried it out, and indeed promptly received a 13 megabyte zip ...
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Export My Stack Overflow Data [duplicate]

Is there a first party (or third party?) way to export just my data out of Stack Overflow? I realize there's a massive Creative Commons data dump. I'm interested in knowing if there's a quick and ...
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How can I download my content from a site?

I'd like to be able to save a copy of questions on which I've participated (asked, answered, and ideally commented but that's less important) from a site (beta, if it matters) in a human-readable ...
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What is the easiest way for me to download all my questions+answers across all Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

How do I download all of my questions and answers across all of the sites in the network? And is there a way that could preserve special LaTeX formatting?
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How can I prevent my questions from being removed by roomba (Stack Exchange's automated question deletion system) after a user was removed?

The removal of a user might result in the loss of upvotes on some of my questions, which might in turn result in roomba* (Stack Exchange's automated question deletion system) deleting some of my ...
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Why the OP does not get link to the deleted post in the reputation tab?

The following is from the FAQ item How do I read the history of my reputation? (current revision) in the part related to removed posts: "When a post gets deleted, the question's title will be shown in ...
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Any chance of downloading ALL content I posted on Stack Overflow?

Is there any chance of downloading ALL content I posted on Stack Overflow? Is it possible to retrieve all questions/answers of mine? Or could I use some PHP-based crawler which will download all ...
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Mirror all Stack Exchange pages where you were active

I would like to have a working offline version of all questions I worked on, including questions I have commented on, edited, voted up,... I know, you can export your data from each Stack Exchange ...
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What is the best way to download a list of stack exchange questions for offline browsing? [duplicate]

I have about 600 favorite questions from the stack exchange network that I want to compile into a single pdf to read offline. Clearly clicking on each one is not an option(repetitive tasks may be for ...
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Dump my Stack Exchange Favorites

I'm trying to morph this wonderful query to get all of one's posts so that it retrieves all the posts I have favorited. Full code here but here is the key piece I have modified, but does not work. ...
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Search all my favorites of all my accounts

Seems to be a rather simple thing, but I was unable to find it: I know that months ago, I did favorite a post about rsnapshot/rsync, yet I am unable to find it easily. I am aware of infavorites:mine, ...
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Can I obtain data about my Q&A on all Stack Exchange sites?

Is it possible to download the following data on my questions and answers on all Stack Exchange sites? The Stack Exchange site it appeared on (can be omitted as redundant if the full URL is provided)....
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What is the easiest way for me to download all my comments across all Stack Exchange sites?

The FAQ says: Comments are temporary "Post-It" notes left on a question or answer, meaning that we should not expect them to be around forever. So I would like to backup all my comments on a regular ...
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